Truck Accident Lawyer Atlanta, GA

Truck Accident Lawyer Atlanta, GAAfter a truck accident you might feel confused and in pain. The last thing you may want to deal with is huge medical bills and no way to pay for them. What you should know right now is that if negligence was a factor in your collision with a commercial truck, you may have the right to recover compensation. Please call a truck accident lawyer in Atlanta, Georgia from Butler Law to explore your legal options now.

As one of the leading truck accident law firms in Atlanta, Georgia, we understand how stressful these situations can be. We have successfully recovered millions in compensation for people who were injured, as well as families who lost someone, in a commercial truck accident. We are known for our due diligence, honesty, and thoughtful legal strategies. If you need help now, call a truck accident lawyer that Atlanta, GA residents have relied on for years.

Following Your Truck Accident

Truck accidents tend to be very complicated, in terms practical legal realities. There is often multiple parties involved and large defense teams who will try to argue their way out of such tragedies.

Following a truck accident you will likely need medical attention. This should not be ignored and rather must be your priority. As soon as you are able to, please consider taking these next steps. As a truck accident lawyer in Atlanta, GA, we would generally recommend that you:

    • Seek legal counsel
    • Avoid speaking with the truck company or their lawyers before you speak with an attorney
    • Avoid speaking to any insurance company before you speak with an attorney
    • Make sure you follow your doctor’s orders
    • Maintain a journal of events from the time of the accident onwards
  • Take photographs of the scene and your injuries when possible

As you wait to settle a claim or lawsuit, it may be advisable to stay off of any social media sites. This precaution can prevent you making an innocent mistake that could eventually be used against you. If you have concerns about social media, you can discuss them in further detail with an Atlanta, GA truck accident lawyer.

What We Do For Our Clients

When people hire our law firm, they can feel confident in knowing their interests become our interests. Our lawyers efforts can be extensive and may include:

    • Investigating the scene
    • Working with investigators
    • Asking reconstructurists to rebuild the accident scene
    • Identifying any potentially liable parties
    • Asking witnesses for a sworn statement
    • Reviewing police and investigative reports
    • Analyzing any video footage
    • Asking medical doctors for their opinion on your injuries and treatment
  • Helping you to arrange a medical lien until you receive a settlement

As a truck accident lawyer in Atlanta, GA, we aim for maximum damages. This means that we will work hard to identify any and all liable parties which could include:

    • The truck driver
    • The employer
    • The truck owner
    • The trailer owner
    • The leasing company
    • A manufacturer
  • A maintenance company

In a small number of cases, another party may also be liable. This could include the driver of another car or a government entity. If the later is true, the claim can become more complicated. Furthermore, no time can be wasted. For this reason, it is important that even if you don’t know whether or not you have a claim, you should consult a truck accident lawyer right away.

To schedule a consultation with a truck accident lawyer, please call the Atlanta, GA truck accident lawyers at Butler Law.