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If you have experienced a sexual assault, consider contacting a sexual assault lawyer in Georgia from Butler Law as soon as possible. We may be able to help you get justice against the perpetrator, whether that be an individual you know, a stranger, or someone you work with.

The Damage
The psychological impact from a sexual assault can be devastating and require years of therapy to recover peace of mind. Even then, the life of a victim may never be the same. All too often, the perpetrator gets away with what happened, or is only lightly punished for their reprehensible action. This has led to many victims feeling angry and alone.

To make matters worse, the statute of limitations in several states is extremely short for acts of sexual violence against victims. This means a victim has only a limited time to file a civil claim against the perpetrator. Unfortunately, the court system, prosecutors, and other professionals often fail to educate victims about their right to pursue compensation against their assailant.

We Are Committed to Helping Victims

A GA sexual assault lawyer from Butler Law can help you get the justice you deserve. We have helped many other victims receive the maximum possible amount of compensation from those who assaulted them. To schedule a confidential consultation with a member of our legal team, please call us now before the perpetrator thinks he or she got away with their behavior.

Sexual Assault Claims
Sexual abuse occurs in many forms to people of every age. It can affect a victim psychologically and physically for years after the incident. Consequently, these types of claims are varied. It is possible for adults to file a sexual abuse claim for something that happened during childhood. Likewise parents or guardians of a minor may be able to file a claim on behalf of a minor. “

No matter who was involved, we may be able to help you pursue compensation. Regardless of the details, sexual abuse claims are extremely complicated and sensitive by nature. This is why you should consider hiring an experienced sexual assault lawyer located in Georgia from Butler Law Firm. Our attorneys have successfully won a broad range of sexual abuse claims including those that have involved:

  • -Clergy abuse
  • -Cruise ships
  • -Day care
  • -Foster care
  • -Schools
  • -Sports leagues
  • -Residential care facilities
  • -Nursing home facilities
  • -Medical facilities
  • -Spas
  • -Boy scouts
  • -Camps
  • -Workplaces
  • -Individuals

Sexual Assault in the Workplace
If you are a victim of sexual harassment in the workplace, you may wish to speak to a Georgia sexual assault lawyer. Our legal team has significant experience protecting the rights of victims and we understand the delicate nature of this kind of situation. If you are being sexually harassed, you have the right to protect yourself from the person who is doing this to you, even if they are your supervisor.

Workplace Sexual Harassment Defined
Here are examples of ways that sexual harassment may occur in the workplace by either a coworker, superior, or other individual related to the company:

  1. Quid pro quo: Someone in charge forces a subordinate to tolerate their sexual harassment or else they will lose their job, pay, or other benefits associated with their job.
  2. Hostile work environment: When an offensive or abusive work environment develops as a result of unwanted sexual conduct. If legal action is taken, in determining liability, the factors that will be considered include:
  • -If the sexually oriented conduct was physical, verbal, or both.
  • -If the harassment occurred once, and if not, how often it happened.
  • -If the accused is a supervisor or a co-worker.
  • -If other persons contributed to the harassment.
  • -If one person was targeted, or if the harassment was directed at more than one person.

Meeting Standards

A victim of sexual harassment must meet a legally identified objective and subjective standard in order to show that they were indeed harassed in this way. They must be able to prove both of the following:

  • -The victim believed the conduct was offensive, abusive, or hostile.
  • -Any reasonable person in the victim’s situation would believe the same.

Compensation for Sexual Abuse Victims
As a sexual assault lawyer in GA understands, no two cases are alike; therefore, it is not possible to provide you with an exact amount of what your case is worth. In general, the more harm that was done to you or a loved one, the more you may be able to recover from those responsible. Compensation may include damages for the following:

  • -Medical expenses
  • -Therapy and counseling
  • -Pain and suffering
  • -Lost wages
  • -Emotional anguish
  • -Inability to live a normal life

Liability of the Employer
Not every employer is subject to upholding sexual harassment laws under the federal civil rights act. If they have less than 15 employers, the employer is governed by state laws in this regard. If found guilty of sexual harassment in the workplace, the employer may have to pay the victim compensatory damages such as pain and suffering as well as monetary loss. In addition, they may have to pay punitive damages, depending on the circumstances.

We Help Protect the Rights of Victims of Sexual Abuse

If you have filed a sexual harassment complaint against your employer or someone in your workplace, you are protected by law from retaliation by the harassers or anyone else. For this reason, request a copy of your personnel file even before you file a sexual harassment complaint. This way you can compare your file from before you filed, to after the time you file it.

A GA sexual assault lawyer from Butler Law Firm can offer you additional guidance and guide you through the legal system as you pursue justice. We offer victims of sexual harassment a free consultation with one of our seasoned lawyers. After a review of your case, one of our sexual harassment lawyers can provide you with actionable guidance to move forward how you wish.

By filing a claim you may be able to recover monetary compensation that can help you to receive the counseling you need, and pay for your additional assault-related damages. As a result, you can begin to focus on healing and recovery. To talk with a sexual assault lawyer in Georgia at Butler Law Firm for compassionate legal services, please call us without hesitation.

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