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Sexual Assault Lawyer Atlanta GAIf you have been a victim of sexual assault, then you need the help of a sexual assault lawyer Atlanta GA victims can trust to fight for justice. Sexual assault is not only a physical offense, but an experience which leaves victims psychologically traumatized. This psychological trauma often impedes victims’ ability to fight for justice against the perpetrator. This means that a lot of perpetrators of sexual abuse go unpunished and so continue to commit sexual assault against other victims because they know they can get away with it.

As difficult as it can be, we urge sexual assault victims to speak up about the injustice that has been committed against them and take legal action against perpetrators. This can help to stop these criminals from committing further crimes against other victims. It can also help you obtain the compensation you deserve to help you deal with the physical and psychological effects of the sexual assault you suffered. At Butler Law Firm you will find the most experienced, competent, sensitive and passionate sexual assault attorney can offer who will guide you through this difficult process and fight for justice against your perpetrator.

What legal recourse is available to victims of sexual abuse?

Victims of sexual abuse can use the law to seek justice against their perpetrators in a number of ways. Firstly, they can assist prosecutors in charging the perpetrator criminally by providing evidence and testimony. However, the burden of proof is high in criminal cases, and the perpetrators of sexual assault sometimes go unpunished in a criminal case. That is where an experienced Atlanta sexual assault lawyer can step in to help you seek alternative forms of justice.

By hiring the most driven sexual assault attorney Atlanta GA has to offer, you can be sure that you will have the best chance possible of obtaining justice against your perpetrator. By hiring a sexual assault lawyer in Atlanta GA to assist you in pursuing civil litigation lawsuit against a perpetrator, you can seek compensation for the physical and emotional harm and trauma which you have suffered. This can help cover the costs of physical and psychological treatment and counseling and help you recover. Furthermore, it can serve a retributive, punitive and deterrent purpose by holding the perpetrator accountable for their actions and ensuring that they realize that their actions are not without consequence. It can help to bring attention to their actions and deter perpetrators from committing further sexual assault in the future. In this way, civil litigation can help to protect future victims from the trauma of sexual assault.

Even if you do not pursue civil litigation, you may be able to negotiate an out of court settlement that serves the same or similar purposes as civil litigation in compensating you for your suffering and providing a consequence for the perpetrator’s criminal actions.

Types of sexual assault

Sexual assault can come in a number of different forms. It may involved any type of nonconsensual sexual act or conduct including touching, groping, fondling, child molestation, penetration (oral, vaginal or anal) or rape. It may include other crimes such as sexual battery, sexual contact between teacher and student, child molestation, child enticing, rape, statutory rape, premises liability or fraud. Those who allow sexual assault to take place on their premises, such as hotels, apartments or schools, may also be held responsible. Butler Law Firm has experience with every single one of these types of sexual assault and its surrounding legal circumstances.

Common perpetrators

Frighteningly, sexual assault is often committed by people known to the victim. Perpetrators are often people in a position of power over the victim or with whom the victim holds a relationship of trust. At Butler Law our lawyers have represented our victims against the most intimidating of perpetrators. We know how daunting it is for victims to fight against perpetrators such as teachers, coaches, bosses, religious leaders, friends and family members. We are here to provide you with a sexual assault lawyer victims know will fight for justice against any perpetrator – no matter how powerful or intimidating.

Why Butler Law Firm?

At Butler Law we have years of experience fighting for justice for the victims of sexual assault. We have successfully secured compensation for victims from all sorts of perpetrators of all sorts of sexual assault. We believe that justice should not only be available to the rich, and so we operate on a “no win no fee” basis so that all victims can access justice. We don’t see our clients’ suffering as just another case, but as an opportunity to help seek justice for those who have suffered at the hands of some of the most vile of criminals. Beyond our experience representing our clients in sexual abuse cases, we have also taken an active role in our community by pushing for changes to Georgia’s Hidden Predator Act so as to give victims more time to come forward and ensure that perpetrators don’t go unpunished simply because victims
are too traumatized to act within the existing statutory period. Clearly we are passionate about justice for sexual assault victims.

Don’t let trauma, fear or financial difficulty prevent you from obtaining justice. Contact us 24/7 at (678) 940-1444 to enlist the support and help of a sexual assault lawyer Atlanta GA victims can count on to fiercely pursue justice against even the most intimidating of perpetrators.

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