Serious Bicycle Accident

bicycle accident

Bicycle Accident Lawyer

With the costs of purchasing, operating and maintaining a vehicle; many people have turned to riding bicycles as their mode of transportation. Cycling to work or to the gym has become commonplace in metropolitan areas. Many roads have created bike lances specifically for cyclists to safely travel. However, the presence of bicycle lanes does not always prevent accidents. Confusion, human error, and distraction can all bring motorists into deadly contact with bicycle riders, and that’s even without serious added problems like alcohol and drug abuse. Although people should take precautionary measures to ensure the safety of bicycles, pedestrians, and other vehicles; accidents do occur.

bicyclist was killed last week in Michigan when he was struck by a vehicle in the middle of the street. Although the cyclist placed himself in a grave position by riding into the street, did the driver have the ability to avoid hitting him? This is a question that is often debated when a cyclist seems to be at fault in an accident. The driver did not intend to cause a death or great bodily harm, but his actions did result in these consequences.

In most situations, the driver of the vehicle could have done something to prevent impact with the bicycle. Because the danger of a two-thousand-pound vehicle colliding with a bicycle is so severe, a driver should take every precaution and use any chance to avoid such an incident. This idea, expressed in law as the “last clear chance” doctrine, can allow a cyclist to recover compensation for injuries even if they may have contributed in some way.

People are often too impatient with bikes on the road. They have the urge to unsafely pass them when given the opportunity. Sharing the road is not a notion that many drivers agree upon. The impatient nature of driving a motor vehicle, especially when they have to be somewhere, often leads to these types of accidents. Some incidents are very minor where there are simply bumps and bruises, but other incidents can lead to fatalities. Was arriving at your destination two minutes before Google Maps said you would warrant costing the life of an innocent bystander? When looking at it from that perspective, it is blatantly obvious that it is not worth it to be aggressive around bicycles.

If you are in a bike accident involving a motor vehicle, what should you do? First, you should seek medical attention of some kind, even if your injuries initially appear to only be minor. Second, you should be sure to get contact information from the driver and collect insurance information. Finally, don’t speak to insurance companies about the accident, as they will often want to settle the damages quickly for as little money as possible. Instead, seek legal representation from a trusted team of lawyers. You should not be forced to agree to terms set forth by the insurance company. You have the right to consult legal representation that is experienced in helping their clients as much as possible. If you are riding your bicycle to dinner and you are hit, do not hesitate to seek the advice of legal professionals.