Please Preserve the Evidence @ambercrombie

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To Whom It May Concern:

My firm represents , who was badly hurt when he slipped and fell at an Abercrombie & Fitch located within North Point Mall on September 24, 2019. There’s a chance that you have a surveillance camera that captured video of ’s fall. Obviously, that video footage will be very important evidence in ’s legal case.

Please save that video. Our law firm will reimburse you for any reasonable expense involved with preserving the video or making a copy of it.

Please do not allow any video footage from that day to be lost, destroyed, recorded over, or altered. In a case like this, the law requires that the evidence be preserved. There could be adverse consequences if the video is not preserved. ALMI Residential Props. Inc. v. Georgia Power Co., 293 Ga. App. 358, 363 (2008).

Please contact me at your convenience. At a time and place convenient to you, I’d very much like to get a copy of the video.


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