The People vs. COVID-19


Stepping Up against COVID-19 and the Cornovirus

Heroes emerge in a crisis. In the face of COVID-19, the heroes have been the doctors, nurses, and other medical providers who put themselves in harm’s way by stepping up to treat patients and slow the spread of this virus.

They face many challenges as they work day and night to keep us safe. There aren’t enough of them. They don’t have the masks they need. The hospitals and clinics that have called for ‘all hands on deck’ are even having trouble keeping their doctors and nurses fed.

We can’t train nurses or manufacture masks, but we can help with this last problem. The People vs. COVID-19 ( gathers donations and allows hospitals to say how many people they have and what their needs are. It then invites local restaurants that can make and deliver food to throw their hats into the ring. Then, The People vs. COVID 19 uses donations to buy the food and have it delivered to nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals working on the front lines. The organization’s goal is to feed the people who are working to keep us all safe, and help local businesses that badly need it at the same time.

The People vs. COVID-19 was started by my friend Chris Stewart of Stewart Trial Attorneys. He pitched the idea to me, and now the Butler Law Firm is all in. If you can help, we’d appreciate it – and more importantly, so would the doctors and nurses. To donate, go to and click the link in the top-right of the page.

If you’re able to help, we want you to claim credit! It helps the word spread. Please post on social media about your donation, with or without specifying the amount. Use #thePeoplevsCOVID19. Our goal is to have the names of all donors scrolling across the bottom of the webpage. (That’s a goal, not a promise yet – this is all happening in real time and I’m not a website developer.) When you see your name appear as a donor, take a screenshot and post it! You deserve the credit, and you’re helping to spread the word about The People vs. COVID-19.

If you go to the webpage and click the “donate” button, you’ll be taken to the organization’s GoFundMe page. Then in the top right of that page, you’ll see my name as a donor. I’d love to see your name there too.

Let’s band together and help some people.