Our Team

We help people and families.

Our firm specializes in personal injury and wrongful death cases. We believe in top-notch legal work, personal service, and doing what we say we’ll do.

Top-Quality Legal Work

We believe in delivering the highest quality of legal work for our clients, even when it’s hard. That means that we do the work that lots of law firms skip. We track down witnesses, dig deep into the physical and documentary evidence, and prepare intensely for every deposition, trial, and hearing. We take a small number of cases so that we can devote our full attention to the clients we represent.

Personal Service

If you hire us, you get us. We get lots of calls from potential clients who are unhappy with their current lawyers because the firm made big promises at the beginning, but now when they call their lawyer’s office, they can’t get past the receptionist and they never get a call back. That does not happen with us. If you want to speak with a lawyer, you can. Our job is to make our clients’ lives easier, not harder.

Doing What We Say We’ll Do

Some law firms make big promises at the beginning, then don’t follow through. We don’t work that way. First, we shoot straight – when we tell you something about your case, good or bad, we mean it. No fake promises. Second, we do the work that we say we’ll do. You won’t have to make endless follow-up calls. Third, when we tell insurance companies and defense lawyers that we’ll take your case to trial, we mean it – and they know it. That means better results for our clients.

We are real lawyers handling real cases, not smoke-and-mirrors advertisers. You won’t ever see us on a billboard or a daytime TV ad. You will see us in courtrooms, conference rooms, and on the road fighting for the people we represent.

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