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The Atlanta injury lawyers of Butler Law Firm chose an office that would be accessible as the lawyers themselves. Our Atlanta office is conveniently located at 10 Lenox Pointe, Atlanta, GA 30324. Our office is located just 9 miles from the Fulton County courthouse and 6 miles from the DeKalb County courthouse. The office is just half a mile off of exit 89 of I-85. Whether you are traveling northbound I-85 or southbound I-85, we are less than 2 minutes from the highway. And best of all, there is abundant free parking directly outside the office.

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The metro Atlanta area is a fast-paced environment, and it can be difficult to find Atlanta injury lawyers who can provide the level of personal service that your case deserves. At Butler Law Firm, our most important priority is you. Ensuring that you achieve the best result possible is what drives our decisions. We accomplish this by both providing an unmatched level of personal service and by preparing every case to present to a jury. Many of our cases ultimately settle before we ever walk into a courtroom. However, the reason these cases often settle is because insurance companies know we are ready. Top Atlanta injury lawyers prepare cases for trial, not settlement. Insurance companies know the better injury lawyers from the lawyers who just settle. And when that happens, i.e. when the insurance companies see our names on the documents, it yields better outcomes for the men, women, children and families we represent. The cases that we don’t settle, we win in courts.

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In Atlanta, the unfortunate truth is that serious injuries happen.  The city’s heavy traffic means that we see many car accidents, and the intersection of multiple major interstates in Atlanta means that every year, we will hear about tractor-trailer accidents in and around the metro area.  The city’s growing population also means that residents of Fulton, DeKalb, and Cobb County may be the victims of crime in Atlanta’s many apartment complexes, restaurants, or other commercial establishments. As 5 star rated Atlanta injury lawyers, we help the victims of these misfortunes.


You Only Have One Chance for Justice

With a devastating injury, you only get one chance to seek justice for your loss. Having the right personal injury attorney can make the difference between winning and losing your case. You want a law firm that isn’t all talk—you want a firm that has handled and won other cases just like yours. No two cases are identical because no two humans are identical. But, experience, hard work, and practice does make a real difference. And we have that. Our Atlanta injury lawyers understand that you only have once chance; we promise we will do everything we can to make that one chance count. For example, in 2015 our firm won a jury verdict of $150,000,000 ($150 million dollars) for the wrongful death of a young boy.

The story of one of our clients, and why she chose us to represent her.

We have had the honor and privilege to have represented hundreds of people in the Atlanta area. Good results are no accident. We believe in a team approach. We believe in respect. And we believe in a hard work ethic. We welcome you to read our former client’s reviews on Google and Avvo. To learn more about our Atlanta injury lawyers and what we can do to help, visit our website, or call us at (678) 940-1444.

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Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer News Updates

On the evening of June 10th, an armored truck’s door sprang open spilling cash along the highway. The truck’s door wasn’t locked properly and while traveling on Interstate 285, the door swung open spilling cash across the highway. Approximately 15 drivers nearby pulled over to pick up cash along the busy interstate. The estimated loss was $175,000.

On July 11th, two homes with children inside were sprayed with bullets. Around 12:30am, gunfire broke out with a total of 100 shell casings outside the residence of Ingledale Drive in southwest Atlanta.  Approximately 60 evidence markers were placed outside the other home across the street on Dale Lane. At the time of the shooting, an 11-year old was in the home on 3400 Ingledale and small children were in the home on the 3200 block on Dale Lane. Thankfully no one was hurt as a result. Police say that three men were parked outside the homes and were involved in an altercation when they started shooting at each other.

Jeremiah Boyd, an Atlanta police officer was arrested on charges of aggravated assault and battery. Records show Boyd was assaulted his wife and arrested last month and was released just this Wednesday on a $16,000 bond.

On July 4th, a 15-year old boy was shot three times near an apartment complex. Several teenagers were setting off fireworks near an apartment complex by Fairburn Road in southwest Atlanta around 11:30 p.m. Thursday when a neighbor said they heard three gunshots. APD says a man took out a gun a shot at the teenager after a firework accidentally hit him.The boy was shot in the leg, stomach and back, and he is recovering at Grady Memorial. Police are still investigating the case.

The Atlanta City Council voted this week to expand Baker Street (located between Centennial Olympic Park Drive and Piedmont Avenue ) into a two-way street. City Council said the expansion will help reduce traffic on Ivan Allen Jr. Blvd. However, neighbors and business owners along Baker Street are opposed to the expansion and recently voiced their concerns about the project. They believe there will be a lot more accidents as residents and customers enter and leave the parking structures along Baker Street.

On the early morning of June 27th, seven people were injured in a drive-by shooting just blocks from Ponce City Market. A group of people were outside apartments in the 600 block of Parkway Drive when two cars drove by and started shooting at the group. Police haven’t made any arrests yet and are still investigating the case.

An Atlanta police officer was the target of an arson attack a few days ago. Investigators said an unidentified individual threw a rock and some liquid through a kitchen window and a fire started in the new home. No one was home with the fire broke out.

A local police officer is accused of stealing hundreds of dollars from a murder victim. On Wednesday June 26th, someone shot and killed Jamel Harris, an Atlanta father with another child on the way.  His wife was able to have a few minutes alone with him in the hospital, and that’s when Harris told her everything that the police collected from his person at the crime scene, including his wallet with over $600 cash. When Harris’ wife finally went to the police station after her husband’s death to collect his items, she found the money was missing. The Atlanta Police Department confirmed its Office of Professional Standards is now investigating the officer who was at the crime scene to sort out what happened to the money.

Fulton County’s four jail facilities surpassed 3,000 inmates on several days over the last few months. The highest count was 3,023 inmates; as of June 19th, there were 3,009 people in custody in the county.The total capacity of the county’s jails is 3,048, but some inmates need to be isolated from others for mental health reasons and safety; therefore, not every bed is usable. Employees from the Southern Center for Human Rights stated their concern that “inmates will suffer because the population has gotten so high.” Jailers and the Southern Center for Human Rights advocates are working to tackle the bigger issue of moving through backlogged cases more quickly and efficiently so people who are being held for trial can move on and clear up space.

Police had to use a taser on a man after he repeatedly rammed into their vehicles on the interstate. Officers pulled over a vehicle on I-20 on June 20th and discovered that the driver had a warrant out for his arrest.  Other officers arrived and created a blockade around the man’s car when he began ramming into the police cars. One officer eventually pulled out his Taser and was able to arrest the individual.  The driver had to go to the emergency room as a result of injuries he sustained from the Taser. Police are continuing to investigate what happened.

Police arrested An-Nur Green, 43, in connection with shooting a man on June 19th. Police arrived outside the home in 1700 block of Marietta Road and found a man laying in his neighbor’s yard with a bullet wound to the head. The victim was immediately taken to Grady Memorial Hospital where he later died. The victim’s name has not been released and police are still investigating the crime.

Starting on June 13, Atlanta police will start enforcing the city scooter laws, banning scooter use on the sidewalks. There are 10,000 registered electric scooters in Atlanta and for the past 10 months, police didn’t enforce rules for where you could ride them. If you break the rules and ride on the sidewalk, you could get a ticket and fine close to $1,000.

On June 8th, a man died on US 24 after a collision. Fulton County Police Officers say a car traveling the wrong way caused a crash Saturday night that left one man dead. Deputies were dispatched to a the scene of the accident at the intersection of US 24 and McKinley road. An investigation revealed that 48-year-old Ronald Grzanich Jr., was driving a small truck when he drove into the oncoming lane of traffic and hit 62-year-old Steven McMahill’s car. Police found Grzanich dead at the scene.

Surveillance video showed a deadly shootout that took place at a gas station near Godby Place. The video shows two men getting out of their cars and getting into some kind of altercation when one of the men pulls out a gun and shoots the other in the neck. Police found the victim dead when they arrived at the scene on Godby Place. Fulton County police officers are still investigating the case and ask eye-witnesses to call the station if they have any more information on the suspect.

The Veteran’s Affairs Dental Office is under review after several veterans complained of getting the wrong teeth pulled out. Dentists at the VA are being questioned after reports of carelessly pulling out the wrong teeth of their patients. The report showed that a veteran showed up at the clinic to have 13 teeth pulled but, “the Dental Resident performing the extractions misread the Oral Surgery Referral Note and extracted the 13, plus 8 more…” Furthermore, the the vet’s primary dentist found that all the patient’s lower teeth were unnecessarily extracted. This was just  one of several cases. The VA is now in a process to reevaluate their operations to ensure that our veterans are getting the best care.

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“Butler Law Firm is an exceptional law firm, I was referred to them by a minister of the church and I truly believe that it was one of the best things that has ever happened to me and my family,especially at a time when we were at a loss. [Their] utmost support, understanding and patience is above and beyond what I ever expected to receive from a law firm.”

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