Nursing Home Neglect

When sending our loved ones to a nursing home there are a few things to pay attention to in order to make sure they are being properly cared for. It is a sad reality, but sometimes patients in nursing homes are neglected. The people who are taking care of them might not love them the way you and your family do, and negligence can occur anywhere, even in a nursing home. Here are a few signs to take note of when visiting or speaking with your loved one staying at a nursing home:

Change in Mood

The person you move into the nursing may have a history of being generally pretty happy. You may notice that shortly after being admitted, your loved one seems distant. They may be a little sad to be away from home, but this can also be a sign of emotional withdrawal and depression. They may not talk as much as they once did because they feel that when you are not there with them, they are not safe.

Unreported Injuries

One of the easiest possible signs of neglect is unreported physical injuries. The staff is obligated to keep you fully informed of injuries, so if at any point you notice injuries that were not reported to you, this may be a sign of abuse at the nursing home. Bedsores are typically a clear indication of neglect in a nursing home. Staff members are to make sure patients are repositioned every so often so that they are comfortable and healthy. Bedsores can occur if someone is stuck in the same position for a long time. This would mean that your loved one is not being taken care of, and has been overlooked at the nursing home.

Lack of Personal Hygiene

Another obvious sign of neglect is a lack of personal hygiene. Among other things, the staff is responsible for your loved one’s day to day care, which includes bathing them, ensuring their dental hygiene is maintained, and that their basic needs are met.

If you notice any of these signs while visiting the nursing home, your loved one may be suffering some sort of neglect. Should you or anyone you know have a loved one who may be a victim of any of these things, please contact a personal injury attorney, such as a personal injury attorney in Dekalb, GA, as soon as possible to learn about compensation for you and your family.

Thanks to the law office of Andrew R. Lynch for their insight into neglect in nursing homes.