Motorcycle Accident Injury Lawyer Atlanta, GA

Motorcycle Accident Injury Lawyer Atlanta, GA motorcycle accident lawyer Atlanta, GA

As your motorcycle accident injury lawyer in Atlanta, GA at Butler Law Firm may explain, whether you pursue a motorcycle accident claim or take the driver to court, there are a few different kinds of damages you may be entitled to receive (that is, if the other driver was mostly at-fault). You may be eligible for compensation of medical bills, loss of income, medical treatments, loss of quality of life, property damage, pain and suffering, and miscellaneous expenses.

If this sounds like a situation you or someone you love is currently in, then you may want to not only visit with a doctor, but a motorcycle accident injury lawyer Atlanta residents trust from Butler Law Firm too.

What is the most important thing I do immediately after the accident?

Firstly, check to make sure that you are okay. If an ambulance is needed, then get yourself out of the way of traffic and call 911. When you call the police, let them know whether anyone is hurt. After the officer arrives, they can assess and document the accident, along with ticketing or arresting the other driver if necessary. The most important thing to do is briefly evaluate yourself and get medical care if you believe you have been injured. Your health should be the top priority. 

What type of evidence is necessary?

If you are going to file a claim with your insurance company or sue the other driver in a civil lawsuit, then all the evidence you can gather will be helpful. Take video or pictures with the camera on your phone, capturing things like the damage to your vehicle, damage to the other car, street signs, stop lights, broken glass, tire marks, and any visible injuries.

Another crucial element of evidence to your GA motorcycle accident injury lawyer in Atlanta is the police report. This can be helpful in case the at-fault driver’s insurance company attempts to dispute your claim. If you aren’t sure whether an officer took down a report of the incident, you can visit the law enforcement office for that city or county and request a copy. 

Should I see a doctor right away or wait to see if I have any symptoms?

A motorcycle accident lawyer Atlanta, GA residents rely on recommended that people who were involved in a motorcycle accident see a doctor as soon as possible. Your body may be in a state of shock from the collision, and you may not know the severity of your injuries until symptoms pop up the next day or within that same week. And by then, your injuries may have worsened.

By seeing a doctor early, you can get treatment before more pain and discomfort arise. It is possible to have sustained underlying injuries that have no symptoms yet, and a doctor can perform an exam and tests to uncover them. Be sure to provide copies of medical exams and treatment with your motorcycle accident injury lawyer in GA.

What injuries are most common for motorcycle accidents?

The human body can be damaged in several ways due to a motorcycle accident, particularly of the musculoskeletal system. Bones, muscles, tissues, vertebrae, and joints are vulnerable to injury, even if the collision didn’t involve high speed. Some of the most common injuries for motorcycle accidents include:

  • Whiplash
  • Neck pain
  • Soft tissue damage
  • Lower back and upper back pain
  • Headaches/migraines
  • Lacerations
  • Bruised ribs
  • Broken bones

If you or someone you care about was in a motorcycle accident and the other driver was mostly at-fault, then it’s time to call us at Butler Law Firm to book an appointment with a motorcycle accident injury lawyer in Atlanta, Georgia.