Motorbike Accident Lawyer Atlanta, GA

Motorbike Accident Lawyer Atlanta, GA Motorbike Accident Lawyer Atlanta, GA

When you are the victim of a motorbike accident, you should reach out to a motorbike accident lawyer in Atlanta, GA today. It is imperative that you get the help you need from a trusted motorcycle accident lawyer Atlanta, GA relies on from Butler Law Firm to ensure that your rights are protected after someone else’s negligence on the road caused you to become injured. The injuries you can sustain after this type of accident are serious and you should not attempt to pursue a lawsuit on your own. Our Atlanta, Georgia motorbike accident lawyers understand the nuances of motorbike accident cases and how severe the injuries are that our clients have suffered from. 

What are the first things I should do after a motorbike accident?

We always tell our clients that the first thing you should do is get medical treatment regardless of the condition you may believe you are in. After an accident on a motorbike, your body may be in a great deal of shock and it can be easy to believe you are in better condition than you actually are. You may have a few cuts and bruises and believe that you are lucky. However, in the days following the accident, your injuries could turn more severe and you may discover you have a concussion or other serious traumatic brain injury or that bruising was actually a sign of internal bleeding. It is not worth risking it and you should seek help from a medical professional immediately following the accident. 

Should you call a lawyer before your insurance company?

After an accident, most people are told that they should give their insurance company a call to report the accident they were in and go over the details of their injuries as well as any property damage. However, a trusted motorbike accident lawyer in Atlanta, GA wants you to give us a call first. Even if you are speaking with your insurance company and not the other driver’s, anything you say can be twisted or used against you so that you do not get the money you deserve when the insurance company compensates you. When you speak with us first, we can advise you on what you should and should not say so that you do not accidentally compromise your case. It can be very easy to reveal too much information when you believe you are supposed to be honest about the details of the accident. 

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