Mid-Six Figure Settlement for Tractor Trailer Collision

We are proud to announce that we successfully resolved a tractor-trailer collision last week for over 10 times our client’s past medical bills.

After failed injections, rounds of physical therapy and treatment, and a cervical surgery recommendation by one of Atlanta’s top orthopedists at Resurgens Orthopedics, our client can finally move on and focus on the future.

The facts of the case are: on March 15, 2016 a tractor-trailer drove into the back of our client’s car. The impact was so powerful that it launched our client’s Camry into the middle of a busy intersection. Our client sought treatment for pain in her neck and lower back. An MRI soon revealed an acute disc bulge and annular tear in her cervical spine.

After depositions, written discovery, testimony from doctors, and an accident investigation, we were ready for trial. Fortunately, the insurance company was defended by excellent defense lawyers at Carlock Copeland–great lawyers–who saw how wonderful a client we had and agreed to settle the case for more than 10 times our client’s medical bills.

It was a privilege and pleasure representing such a deserving client.