Keeping Medically Unfit Drivers Off the Road

Jeb Butler on 11Alive

Driving on public roads is a privilege, not a right. Butler Law Firm attorney Jeb Butler recently appeared on NBC-affiliate 11Alive and on News Radio 106.7 to discuss a proposed law that would limit the ability of medically unfit drivers to obtain licenses. The proposed law would require, for drivers over 75 years old, a note from the driver’s doctor certifying that the person was medically fit to drive and the passage of a driver’s test. In addition, the proposed law creates a mechanism by which family members of an older driver can express concerns about medical fitness in writing to the Department of Driver’s Services.

The proposed law originated with Chris Simon, who represented the family of 5-year-old Karla Campos. Karla had just climbed out of her school bus and was running toward the arms of her family when an older driver who was medically unfit to drive pulled up behind the school bus. Instead of pressing the brake, the older driver accidentally pressed the gas pedal—so instead of stopping, the medically unfit driver accelerated onto the sidewalk and ran over Karla. Karla did not survive. As a result of Karla’s death and the dangers created by medically unfit drivers, Chris got to work on the proposed law.

Because Chris had consulted with Jeb about the proposed law, reporters at 11Alive and News Radio 106.7 asked Jeb for an interview. See Jeb’s discussion of the proposed law with Brenda Wood of 11Alive by clicking the link below.

Click Here: Jeb Butler Interview With Brenda Wood