Is It Safe to Be a Pedestrian During the Coronavirus?


Mitigating Pedestrian Risk

The emergence of the coronavirus has resulted in lockdowns throughout the world, and for many people, the lockdowns have prompted a host of questions about what is and isn’t safe. One common point of confusion is about the safety of being a pedestrian. There are times when walking outside is inevitable, but there are ways to mitigate the risk.

Keeping Your Distance Reduces Your Risk

Researchers are learning more and more about COVID-19 each day. While there’s not yet a complete understanding of the way the virus travels, the general consensus is that it can spread via sneezes, coughs, or even just an exhale when you are within six feet of someone that has the virus. However, it is safe to go out for a walk, provided you keep a reasonable distance from other people. To stay safe when you are out on your walk, step out of the way if you see someone coming in your direction. Keep an eye out for joggers and give yourself ample time to move out of the way. You can’t assume that others are going to step out of your way.

It can be tempting to stop and socialize if you see someone you know out for a walk. If you do stop to talk to someone, make sure you maintain six feet of distance at all times, and step out of the way to let other pedestrians through. Avoid petting dogs, shaking hands, or any other kind of touch with the people around you.

Avoid Touching Surfaces or Your Face

The virus can also spread through contamination of surfaces. If someone with the virus touches a door handle, for example, and then touches their nose or mouth, the virus could spread to them. There’s evidence that the virus may live on surfaces for hours or even days. To stay safe when you’re walking around outside, avoid touching things like crosswalk buttons, and try to avoid touching your face. You should also wash your hands thoroughly as soon as you return from your walk.

Wear a Mask to Further Prevent the Spread

Wearing a face mask when you are spending time outdoors is another way that you can help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Many businesses are now selling affordable cloth masks that are cute and comfortable. While face masks aren’t completely foolproof, they can dramatically reduce the chance of you spreading the virus to someone else, and they can also help prevent you from contracting it as well. When choosing a mask to wear out on your walk, make sure to select one that’s comfortable and doesn’t limit your breathing.

Stay Aware of the Vehicles Around You

While you may be more focused on keeping six feet of distance from the other pedestrians on the street, it’s also important to be aware of the vehicles on the road. If you need to step off the sidewalk to give someone six feet of distance, double check to make sure you are not in the path of an oncoming car or bicycle. There has been much less traffic during the coronavirus crisis, and the empty streets have led many people to practice unsafe driving behaviors. With so many people driving above the speed limit, you’ll need to be extra vigilant to make sure that you stay safe on the road. If you are involved in an accident as a result of unsafe driving, contact Butler Law Firm today. We specialize in personal injury law and can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Getting outside and enjoying some fresh air is very important during this stressful time. However, it’s important to make sure you do so safely. When spending time outside, make sure to be wary of those around you and practice proper social distancing.