Injured in an Uber: Tweet about the Preservation of Evidence

Preserving Evidence in Lyft and Uber Accidents

If you’re involved in an accident while riding with Lyft or Uber, the company should preserve all of its GPS and electronic evidence from the time of the collision. Here at Butler Law Firm, we instruct Uber or Lyft to preserve all of their evidence, typically with a preservation-of-evidence letter. But getting through to these companies can be tough. When the traditional methods don’t work, you have to innovate—or at least take to Twitter.

Earlier this week, Butler Law Firm took on a case in which our client was hurt while riding in an Uber. Her injuries were so serious that she underwent brain surgery. We needed to tell Uber to preserve the electronic evidence—and we needed to tell them fast. We drafted a preservation-of-evidence letter and overnighted paper copies to Uber’s corporate headquarters, its registered agent in Georgia, and its Atlanta “Hub.” But with a tech-savvy company like Uber, we thought something electronic would work better. Unfortunately, Uber’s website doesn’t have a “contact us” page and their “help” page contained no contact information—except Twitter.

So we tweeted our letter.  See our tweet, Uber’s response, and the back-and-forth with Uber here. It was an innovative strategy, and the national legal community noticed. A story written by Georgia reporter Katheryn Tucker about our preservation-of-evidence letter became the top-featured story on, which combines legal news from all around the country. National legal journals Law360 and Above the Law also wrote stories.

When the usual paths don’t work, you have to cut a new one.