How Social Media Can Impact Your Personal Injury Case

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Social media is an almost omnipresent presence in today’s society. Many people belong to several different social media platforms, in fact, to ensure that they can stay in touch with friends and family alike. This might seem like a harmless activity, and for most people, it is. For victims with a personal injury claim, however, the stakes are much higher. Posts that seem innocuous could contain information to discredit their claims and reduce the financial compensation they receive. Let’s take a closer look at how social media can impact your personal injury case.

Social Media Statuses

For some people, updating their status is second nature. They might update about the dinner they just cooked and post photos of their food. Others might take a picture of their children playing at the park and post a short update about how much fun they’re having. For individuals just living their everyday lives, this is no problem. For people pursuing a personal injury claim, however, there are several problems with these statuses.

Depending upon the type of injuries sustained, the posts described above could be seen as proof that the victim is exaggerating their claims. If you are able to play with your children at the park, after all, how much pain could you be experiencing? Remember that these statuses will be taken out of context and presented in such a way that best suits the defense. You might know that all you could do at the park was leave your vehicle for a few moments to take the picture and enjoy the sunshine before getting back inside and resting, but the court will not.

Social Media Check-Ins

Another problem with social media activity and personal injury claims is the “check-in”. Much like the statuses above, checking in while you’re moving through your day probably seems harmless. Unfortunately, these, too, will be taken out of context. Perhaps you were driving to the hospital for another round of treatments for the injuries you sustained in the accident, but also decided to pull through a drive-through and treat yourself to lunch. Some hospitals have fast food restaurants and coffee shops that operate directly in the hospital itself, too, and it’s easy to check-in at these places while waiting for your appointment time.

The defense might take all of these check-ins and present them as though you are able to run around town. They’ll try to show that your daily life hasn’t really been impacted by the accident, in other words, and the proof is right there in your social media account. You know that those visits were superficial and you were in pain the whole day, but the court won’t.

If you have been injured and are pursuing a personal injury claim, consider taking a break from social media altogether. Don’t post status updates, don’t post pictures, and don’t show any overt activity unless your attorney says it’s okay. An experienced personal injury law firm Atlanta, GA relies on at Butler Law will be able to explain these restrictions as well as the intent behind them more thoroughly.