How Can I Be Even More Prepared for a Car Accident?

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For how often car accidents happen, many drivers are still not fully prepared or know what to do if such an event were to transpire. While most people understand the importance of having a driver’s license, proof of insurance, and vehicle registration in the car at all times, there are other items which can help a driver be even more prepared for a car accident. Victims of car accidents may walk away with bumps, bruises, serious injuries, and a new set of financial problems to deal with. It can be expensive to pay for car repairs and medical care for injuries in the days or week after the accident.

Those who want to be even more prepared for a car accident, may have questions for a car accident lawyer Memphis, TN offers about what they can do to be proactive:

Q: Should I keep a first aid kit in my car?

A: It is rare for someone part of a car accident to not have sustained at least mild injuries. It can be helpful to have a first aid kit in your car to treat minor scrapes and cuts before they worsen or become infected. Or, the kit can be useful if you have serious injuries as a way to manage your symptoms until the ambulance arrives. Additionally, you may want to consider gathering a survival kit to keep in the trunk of your car. These items can keep you comfortable in case you were involved in a wreck and must remain at the scene for hours:

  • Non-perishable food and bottled water
  • Warm blankets
  • Road flares
  • Flashlights
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Tool to break glass

Q: In what scenarios is a road flare useful?

A: Being in a car accident while at night can be particularly unnerving and even dangerous. While a flashlight can be useful to survey the scene and damage to both vehicles, road flares help police and other emergency crews to find you in the dark. Road flares can be placed strategically around your vehicle to warn other cars, so another driver doesn’t hit your vehicle too and make matters worse. If you have never used a road flare before, here are tips to getting it ignited safely:

  1. Stand with the wind at your back
  2. Hold the flare below the black line
  3. Remove cap from flare, exposing igniter button
  4. Remove lid from cap, exposing scratch surface
  5. Take cap and strike across igniter button, triggering flare
  6. Hold the flare for no longer than 15 seconds and place on ground

Q: Can I take pictures of the scene using my cell phone camera?

A: If you have a reliable camera on your cellular device, then you can use it to photograph the scene of the car accident. But, for those who do not always carry their cell phone with them places may want to consider keeping a disposable camera in the car instead. Just be sure to only use this camera for car accident purposes. If you take a couple photographs every so often when traveling, you may find you do not have enough in the event of a car collision.

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