Happy Client!


Happy Client: Off to Buy a Home!

There’s nothing in the world like a happy client–and now, Alan is off to buy a new home for his wife and family. We worked our butts off on Alan’s case, and once we got a trial date from the Court, the defense asked for mediation and settled. Then our client left us our FIFTY-FIRST five-star Google review. It’s an honor to read (https://goo.gl/r1YVSb):

Working with Butler Law Firm was an awesome experience and if you are in need of an attorney you should let them review your case. I went into my lawsuit knowing I would win my case but I didn’t know I’d end up with an all star team! I can be very blunt and assertive when working with others, but these guys handled it well and made sure I was pleased first. They didn’t put themselves before me, I was always informed and treated like I was their client and they worked for me. Nothing better than having a legal team that puts their client first. The detailed work they did was amazing. I couldn’t ask for anything more. These guys are the best in the city and I’d put them up against the best lawyers in the world any day!!!! Thanks again guys for getting the case settled and now I’m off to buy my home! Peace!