Going the Distance: Focus Groups & Taking Your Case to Trial

At Butler Law Firm, we prepare cases for trial.

When we accept a client for representation, it’s because our client wants trial lawyers who will litigate a case from the beginning to the end. Not all law firms do that—some take in lots of cases and settle them quickly, never intending to set foot in a courtroom. That’s not how we practice law. We take only a small number of cases so we can invest our time, energy, and capital into every case we handle.

When it comes to trial preparation, our end-goal is always the same: open and honest communication with the jury. We sometimes use focus groups to achieve that goal. Focus groups help in several ways:

  1. they help us understand what questions jurors are likely to have,
  2. they help us understand which exhibits jurors will find helpful, and
  3. they allow us to practice clear, understandable presentations.

Although not every case requires a focus group, they can be enormously helpful in the right cases. Often, Butler Law Firm teams up with Focus Jury Research to analyze and prepare cases.

Focus groups are one tool in Butler Law Firm’s toolbox for going the distance.

Jeb Butler focus grouping a road wreck case.

Darren Tobin focus grouping a paralysis case.