Scooter Accident Lawyer in Georgia

Scooter Lawyer Georgia

Scooter Lawyer Georgia

If you were injured while using a Lime or Bird electric scooter, you should consult a scooter lawyer Georgia residents can count on, such as Butler Law Firm.

Throughout Georgia and the U.S., electric scooters from companies like Lime and Bird are available. These allow people to zoom around the city and drop them off for another waiting person. In Georgia, they are one of the most popular methods of transportation. Our personal injury attorneys can tell you the issue with the electric scooters is that many people are treating them as if they are a toy. Furthermore, no licensing or training is required. All that’s needed to rent one is to download the app and enter a credit card number.

How Electric Scooters May Be Unsafe

As a scooter lawyer Georgia has to offer, we have known about accidents that involve riders, pedestrians, or drivers of vehicles. Many of these accidents have involved:

  1. Defective scooter
  2. Riding without a helmet
  3. Children using the electric scooter
  4. Riding on the sidewalks
  5. Abandoning the scooter in unsafe areas, like the middle of a busy pathway
  6. Leaving the scooter in a handicapped-accessible area
  7. Two people riding the scooter at the same time
  8. Swerving in and out of pedestrians paths

If you were injured while using an electric scooter, Butler Law Firm would like to speak to you. For a consultation with an electric scooter lawyer in Georgia, call us today.

Electric scooters may go up to 15 miles per hour. Although that might seem slow, if you are hit by a car, serious injuries can result. Some of the risks for using these scooters as a transportation mode include:

  1. You are less visible to other vehicles
  2. Scooters are prone to vandalism (i.e., the brake line may be unknowingly cut)
  3. There is nothing to protect you
  4. Most electric scooter riders are young and present high-risk behavior
  5. Hitting any type of road hazard or debris could be dangerous
  6. If you lock the front brake, you could be thrown over the scooter
  7. Electric scooters may be unstable
  8. Many riders are inexperienced

Defective Scooter

As a scooter lawyer Georgia trusts, we have had an increase in calls from Lime and Bird users, or family members, who have suffered injuries in an accident because of a defective scooter. Electric scooters are subject to ongoing wear and tear. As a result, the risk of them malfunctioning is very high. Both Lime and Bird ask users to report any problems to the company; however, many fail to do so. If you believe your electric scooter was somehow defective, you should call a Georgia scooter lawyer at Butler Law Firm.

Personal Injury Claims Involving an Electric Scooter

Georgia laws are not specific when it comes to liability, negligence, and electric scooters. This means when an accident occurs, filing a claim for monetary compensation may be difficult. A thorough investigation will likely be required. In general, you should have a Georgia electric scooter lawyer on your side.

For a consultation with a scooter lawyer, Georgia victims can count on, call Butler Law Firm.

Scooter Lawyer Georgia

Our scooter lawyer Georgia residents rely on will tell you that scooters are something that people of all ages enjoy. In recent years, electric scooters have exploded onto the market, fastly becoming a growing form of transportation, tourism, and enthusiasm. Electric scooters are cropping up all over Georgia for both sale and rent, making them easily accessible. However, should you sustain injuries following an electric scooter accident, Butler Law Firm offers Georgia experienced scooter lawyers to help you take legal action. Our lawyers can guide scooter accident victims who are facing damages in proving their cases and obtaining compensation. 

In the Wake of a Scooter Accident

Electric scooters, while fun, can also pose a variety of hazards to those who enjoy them. One significant reason behind this is with the simple download of an app; prospective scooter riders can gain access to electric scooters. With rental companies like Jump, Bird, and Lime readily available, even a novice scooter can hop on a scooter. Unfortunately, there’s little education and training involved before renting an electric scooter. If you experience injuries, you may be left wondering what to do next and how to report it, especially if you need to take legal action. Our Georgia scooter lawyer shares that in the wake of an e scooter accident, you will want to take the following steps:

  1. Seek medical care to ensure that you receive proper medical treatment
  2. Gather as much information at the scene as possible
  3. Contact law enforcement
  4. Call a lawyer for legal guidance

There can be several ways an e scooter accident might occur; victims may have suffered in a collision with another scooter or bike, a motor vehicle, or even due to a scooter malfunction. To learn more about how our Georgia scooter lawyer at Butler Law Firm can help you, call our office today. 

Taking Legal Action

Chances are you will be left with many questions following an e scooter accident that has resulted in damages. Contacting our Georgia scooter lawyer is a way to get started and have your questions answered. You can expect your lawyer to provide you with a complimentary consultation to get things started. They will take the time to carefully review your case and determine whether you can file a claim. Navigating this process can be tricky, especially considering that e scooters are often rented for use by various companies nationwide. Butler Law Firm will work closely with you to investigate your claim, determine the value of your case, and negotiate with insurance companies to obtain a favorable settlement for you. 

Proving Your Case

When pursuing damages following a Georgia scooter accident, your lawyer will need to prove your case to have a successful claim. Gathering as much information that will support your case as possible will be essential when taking action. Proving a scooter accident will require that you provide evidence that demonstrates that there was a:

  1. Duty of Care
  2. Breach of Duty of Care
  3. Damages
  4. Causation

The process of proving your case can feel cumbersome and stressful, especially when recovering from injuries. This is a primary reason to contact our Georgia scooter accident lawyer at Butler Law Firm today.