Techniques for Virtual Deposition

Strategies for Taking Virtual Depositions

Virtual depositions have become the ‘new normal’ in the days of COVID-19.  All of us must learn to embrace video conferencing technology and use it to fight for their clients.  At Butler Law Firm, we love virtual depositions—particularly using the Zoom platform.  The benefits of Zoom depositions are abundant—you can highlight, annotate, or zoom in on the evidence at will.  You have your entire case file and the entire internet at your fingertips.  We’re still fine-tuning our virtual deposition strategies—making improvements after each one we take—but we wanted to share some recent virtual depositions we’ve taken as examples of those strategies in action.

Deposition of a Truck Driver in a Wrongful Death Trucking Accident

Rule 30(b)(6) Deposition of a Trucking Company in a Wrongful Death Trucking Case

Depositions of an APD Sergeant in a Police Brutality Case

Deposition of the CEO of a Guardrail Company in a Wrongful Death Car Accident Case

Deposition of an APD Senior Police Officer in a Police Brutality Case