This is common question and unfortunately, it’s hard to answer. We’ve written in greater detail about how long a Georgia personal injury case takes here, but the short version is that our firm wraps up most personal injury cases within three months to two years from the date that we become involved in the case. Of course some cases take more or less time, but most fall somewhere in the middle. We know our clients like fast resolutions—and we do too.

How long your car accident case takes depends on several factors. First, it depends on how long it takes for your medical treatment to be complete. Faster treatment (and following doctors’ orders) leads to a faster legal result. Second, it depends on how eager the insurance company or at-fault driver is to settle your case. If the damages are big (meaning your injuries are significant) but the available insurance amount is small, the case may settle very quickly. Third, it depends on how patient you are. Sometimes it makes sense to fight it out for awhile before settling the case, even though neither you nor our firm receives any money until the end of the case. Good lawyers are willing to fight it out when necessary; bad lawyers always insist on fast settlements. Fourth, it depends on where the case is filed. Cases filed in rural Georgia tend to get to trial faster than cases filed Atlanta, Columbus, Macon, Savannah, or Augusta. Georgia’s urban courts are busier, so cases tend to move faster in rural counties.