Dear Uber: Preserve the Evidence!

Preserving Evidence from an Uber Accident

Dear Uber,

Our firm’s client was severely injured when an Uber that she was riding in was involved in a collision here in Atlanta, Georgia. Since then, our client has been through brain surgery, lots of appointments, and lots of headaches. We’re writing to you to ask you to preserve all available evidence, including the electronic data from our client’s trip. We’ve written you a letter about it, and have overnighted that letter to your corporate headquarters in San Francisco, your registered agent in Georgia, and your GreenLight Hub in Atlanta.

Because the only electronic contact information that your website offers is Twitter, we’re also tweeting this link to you! Click the link below to see our letter, which talks in more detail about what evidence needs to be preserved and why.

This version that we’ve posted online has our client’s personal information removed. For the full version, please check your mail or email us at

Here’s the letter: Preserving the Evidence.


Butler Law Firm

UPDATE: We got the message through! Uber emailed us, and we replied and attached the full letter. Screenshot below:

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