Daily Report Runs Front-Page Article on Butler Law Firm

BT-in-Daily-ReportThe Daily Report put Butler Law Firm on the front page. The article summed up our firm’s practice well:

  • What we do: “‘[Butler Law Firm takes] the personal injury cases we really believe in,’ Butler said, adding that they are interested in serious cases where a plaintiff has suffered major injury or death.”
  • Our approach to clients: “[Tobin] said family law gave him good skills for representing plaintiffs. “It taught me patience and to listen first. These are good people going through a difficult time. It’s given me good skills on the plaintiffs’ side.’”
  • How we work: “Their approach is to be selective in the cases they take ‘and work them hard to maximize the value of each,’ Butler said. ‘That’s why we started our own firm—so we could pick the cases we want.’”