Common Causes of Wrongful Death

Because death is inevitable for everyone, you know that you’ll have to cope with the passing of loved ones at some point. However, when an unexpected death comes because of someone’s actions, you face a challenging recovery and grieving process. To help lift your burdens, a wrongful death lawsuit may award you damages in the form of compensation. While some deaths are truly no one’s fault, when another party is to blame for this loss, you should speak with an Atlanta wrongful death attorney about whether you should sue. To help you see your situation more clearly, it may help to understand some typical wrongful death suits.

Medical Malpractice

Just like you will depend on your legal counsel to advise you in your wrongful death case, your family member relied on competent medical care. Unfortunately, it may have been your loved one’s doctor or other members of the medical team that led to the untimely death. If you believe your family died because of medical malpractice, your attorney will work hard to see whether this claim has merit. In other such cases, doctors may have misdiagnosed a patient, which caused the person to not get the right treatment or any treatment at all. The doctor may have botched surgery or prescribed the wrong medication. Perhaps the drug company manufactured the drug incorrectly, or maybe the pharmacist read the doctor’s prescription wrong. There could have been defective medical equipment. Any of these factors could have been causes of wrongful death.

Car Accident

Vehicular collisions are not uncommon. When a family member files a wrongful death lawsuit following a car accident, the attorney will try to prove that the other driver’s negligence caused the death. Commonly, at-fault drivers may have been driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Other drivers may have been distracted by their cell phones. Many accidents occur because the offending party was speeding or ran a red light. In more extreme cases, the other person may have been driving to deliberately hurt or kill the plaintiff’s love one.

Intentionally Killing

If another person deliberately kills your family member, a criminal case would decide the person’s fate. However, this does not preclude you from filing a civil wrongful death suit and collecting compensation. Your lawyer will gather evidence to prove this action was on purpose. Your lawyer will also seek damages for the money you spend on medical bills and funeral costs as a result.

These are three of the types of cases wrongful death lawyers, like a Newark Personal Injury Attorney, frequently see. If your loved one passed away from either of these, speak to a qualified lawyer today.

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