Common Accident Scenarios Involving Trucks and Cars

When it comes to incidents that involve large trucks, and additional risk is put into play. Because large trucks are heavier, harder to stop and a quick manner and run by tired and overworked drivers, accidents are more likely to occur than with car drivers. In fact, over 60% of accidents in the United States involve truck drivers according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

 Blind Spots

In 2015 over 3,800 individuals were killed in car crashes that involved a large truck. Over 66% of the injuries sustained were by individuals driving smaller cars. Common accidents scenario involving semi trucks can be traced back to their blind spots. Three blind spots that are common in truck drivers operating their vehicle are the back, right next to the lower right hand door of the truck, and in the very front of the vehicle. When a semi truck driver does not look at any of these blind spots for a long period of time, accidents are way more likely to occur.


The reality for truck drivers it is that they must drive for hours on end and arrive at their destination by very strict deadlines, so often times they are ridden with fatigue due to lack of breaks. Even for truck drivers that are experienced, driving for lengthy hours and on very little sleep can be a very gruesome task. Nodding off while driving can cause truck drivers to lose focus and steer into other lanes unknowingly, thus causing collisions. If you spot a truck driver that seems tired or inattentive, honk their horn, signal to the driver that they should pull over, to call 911 and report an unsafe driver with a description and location of the vehicle as well as any company logo that is on it. Do not pull over with the driver but instead drive away quickly in case they are intoxicated or dangerous.

Changing Lanes Too Quickly

When a car tends to switch lanes too quickly and cuts off a truck driver, the truck driver is forced to stop quickly, and may not be able to avoid an accident.  Because they have so many blind spots, when a smaller vehicles switches lanes too quickly most likely they will not be seen by a truck. It is advised that you pull in front of a truck slowly and far enough ahead of them so that they can see you and stop in time.

Passing When a Truck is Turning Right

Often times small car drivers tried to pass trucks that are turning right. They do so by moving around the track in the left lane, but this is very dangerous and a common cause accidents. Many trucks must use both lanes to turn right, because they steer widely in order to make a safe turn. Your car can be easily hit when attempting to pass a truck, so use precaution and be patient while the truck is turning. If you have been involved in an accident involving a truck, you may want to seek legal counsel, like a personal injury lawyer Brooklyn, NY trusts, so that you will receive a fair compensation and trial.

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