Client Testimonials & Results


Millions, and Counting.

For most, success is measured by bottom-line results. And at Butler Law our results speak for themselves. There are no shortcuts or secret paths to success in personal injury litigation. There is only hard work, zealous representation, and conduct becoming an Officer of the Court.  Our hard work has paid off in many jury verdicts and settlements, including a jury trial verdict of $150 million.

At Butler Law, we have earned millions of dollars for the men, women, children, and families we have helped. We will build on that success by fighting for justice for every future client we have the privilege of representing.

Beyond our bottom-line results, we measure ourselves based on the words of our clients. By the time we have concluded a case, we have transformed our relationship from attorney-client to friend-friend.

Some of our former clients—now friends—have offered to share what their experience was like working with us:

 – Malcom Smith

 – Lateefah Jackson

 – Chynea Keister

 – Tenaya

 – Sherman Spencer

I spent a week in Grady’s ER and another six months in a wheelchair. My bills were enormous. But through Darren’s diligent efforts I was able to recover all of my expenses, cover the extensive medical costs and rehabilitation, and get compensation for my pain. Darren found resources I would never have known about. Beyond his top legal prowess he showed me real friendship. He visited with me regularly in my home and was always available.

Karl Hammerberg


Jeb and his firm represented my family when my mom was paralyzed in a rollover. From the very beginning my family was put at ease in such a time of turmoil. Jeb and his firm always kept us well informed through the entire process by never hesitating to contact/meet with us. From day one Jeb was extremely diligent in working on this case. He was sure to not over look any details, and was prepared for anything that could come his way during the case. Overall Jeb was quite an asset to my family in winning our case.



He made me feel like I was his only client.

 – Carol

Darren was honestly a Godsend! After the death of my brother, my mother and I had no idea what to do or what the next steps were to take.  A church member referred Darren to us and since we met, everything legally was smooth sailing.  Darren was a voice for us even when we couldn’t find the words to say.  He kept in touch with the detective and made sure we were up to date with how the case was going.  We even found the person who did the heartless act, he was charged and caught from Darren.  During the hardest moment in our life, Darren was there like a true supporter.  With Darren we felt taken care of, informed, and like he was part of the family.  His kindness, sincerity, and trustworthiness made this terrible course of events a lot more bearable.  Darren was an excellent lawyer and an exceptional human being.  We would definitely refer him to anyone!

Laure M.

I would like to thank Michael Thurman for recommending Jeb. My family was going thru a challenging time and Jeb step in and assured us that the legal and financial would get taken cared of. The personal and caring touch he showed will never be forgotten and I consider him a friend. Even after the fact he still finds the time to ask about our welfare. Authentic.

– Thomas

They may be a small Firm but they are mighty in will, knowledge, professionalism and courtesy–like a Mike Tyson fight.

 – Sherman S.

Jeb was great to work with and he did an amazing job on my case! He is a great listener and is very understanding. He went through great lengths to find anything that could help with my case! My sister who is a paralegal looked up Mr. Butler beforehand and she was very impressed with what she found. In the end, I was able to get out of my unsafe environment without any issues thanks to Jeb!

– Tiffany

Mr. Darren is one of the best lawyers in the State of Georgia. I would recommend Mr. Darren to anyone who’s looking for a great attorney. I found Mr. Darren to be very professional; he is very good at what he does. He tracked down witnesses I didn’t even know existed. And even though the incident report stated that it was the driver of the car that I was in who caused the crash, Mr. Darren was able to prove that it was the other driver who was at-fault and won my case. In all aspects of his work, Mr. Darren has demonstrated remarkable leadership and is a specialist in injury cases.

– Anserdieu Altidor

I experienced my first accident soon after I moved here. I had such bad anxiety I thought I would never drive again! I was referred to [Butler Law Firm] and from our first conversation, I knew there was something special about him. [Butler Law] exercised the utmost professionalism throughout my entire case. He was reassuring, never rushed my recovery process, and demanded my proper compensation from the responsible insurance company. I was rear ended a second time, and [Butler Law] insisted on taking my case pro-bono. He didn’t charge a dime! I hold [Butler Law] in the highest regard because he is an attorney with an uncompromising character that will fight for you until the end.

 – Ashley Harris

We filed a wrongful death case from a car wreck when my son passed away.  We went all the way to trial and got a verdict of 150 million.  We couldn’t have made this happen without this wonderful man and his team.

– Lindsay W.

[Butler Law Firm] was my first choice and by far the best choice! I was a victim in a car accident and went with Darren at the advice of my girlfriend’s dad.  He met with me in person over coffee and gave me his cell phone number the minute we met. We texted frequently and emailed often. [Butler Law] made me feel like I was his #1 client. He was available, and was willing to answer any questions I had.  I had never been a client of a lawyer before, but this was a great first experience.  Darren listened to my concerns, and sincerely did what I wanted.  He is friendly and personable.  He also knows the law and tracked down a witness that even the police didn’t know about!  So he (1) listened to me; (2) tracked down a witness that even the police couldn’t find; (3) beat the insurance company’s offers; (4) won the case on the legal merits; (5) and did it all with a smile on his face. Darren, I thank you.

– James Hopkins

Jeb provided exceptional legal representation on my behalf after an auto accident. His diligence, attention to detail, responsiveness, and candor made him a pleasure to work with. Our specific case involved a long and arduous battle with a major auto insurance provider from which Jeb emerged victorious with a settlement that was above and beyond my initial expectations. I would absolutely recommend this individual as a legal representative in an auto accident case.

 – Brad

[Butler Law] is the best [firm]! If you want results, he is the man to get the job done.  I was involved in a DUI motor vehicle accident in November 2013.  I was a bit skeptical about getting a lawyer.  After a week of research and explaining in detail how the accident occurred, I was drained and of course I was convinced that the reviews I was reading may have been done by workers or friends but after a formal meeting with Darren, I was sure he was the guy for the job.  From the very beginning, Darren explained every part of the process and answered every question I had.  He made me feel very comfortable and secure.  He explained the way things worked in detail (insurance and in court) and provided many estimates with scenarios of how the case may go and what the plans were moving forward if the case went in either direction.  The result that we finally achieved was about 20 times more than what Geico Insurance Company was offering! If you are still skeptical about choosing Darren as your lawyer, do the research for yourself.  I will send anyone who needs an honest, hard-working and friendly [firm] to [Butler Law]….

– Samantha G.

[Butler Law Firm] were highly recommended to me by several attorneys at my law firm in Midtown. When I called to discuss my case, he spent a great deal of time on the phone with me going over the details and pointing out the strengths and weaknesses as he saw them. As an attorney myself, I recognized the difficulties with my case and knew it would be an uphill battle. I appreciated Darren’s candidness and sincerity with me. From that first phone conversation, I trusted him entirely. He started work immediately on my case, checked in with me frequently to provide updates, did an excellent job negotiating with opposing counsel and reading between the lines, and exceeded all my expectations regarding the outcome. He took a difficult case, put in more work than we both expected was necessary, responded to any question or concern I had promptly, was friendly and easy to talk to, and made me feel like I was his only client and his biggest priority although I know he is very busy. Darren is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced personal injury attorney and having now been represented by him, I understand why he came so highly recommended to me.

– Courtney

I have seen a few “testimonies” on television or online, and have wondered if what they were saying was true? Or were they paid? Still, I believe that some aren’t real.  What I do know for sure is that Darren and Jeb mean several things to me now. 1.) Trust them with my life. 2.) They are my family now. They not only made sure that what I was getting better, they always gave me options. 3.) I witnessed them not only represent me in a peaceful manner, but upholding the law to the highest standards I have ever witnessed.  You will never know what it feels like to be injured and traumatized, until it happens to you. I would not wish it upon anyone.  The physical and emotional pain is none that I can describe.  I thank God for sending two great lawyers/spirits to take care of me.  My mother passed away two tears ago, and I always tell her, “thank you mommy for sending Darren and Jeb to me.”

 – Tonia

I’m very proud of what you and your staff did for me even my English was not very clear, you make me feel you understand every words, that was nice. The way you treated me was very kind. What about the result of my case, wow you are amazing my friend, sorry I call you my friend but that the way you make me feel, my contact with you was something very respectful, understanding, and more. Anywhere you did a excellent job on my case. Thank you so much. God bless you, your staff and your family.

– Daniel V.

I know everyone believes that their case is most important than the next. Being a single mother of only one child, you really believe that no one else is more important. My son was asleep in the backseat when he was awakened by the impact; he was an 18 year old college freshman and professional dancer at the time. He was paralyzed 12/3/2010 due to another driver hitting them head on.
Jeb Butler not only is a superb lawyer, he is very knowledgeable and extremely easy to to talk to. He made me feel as though we were his only client and the most important people the entire time.
Although, there is no amount of money that can EVER replace what happened to my son, Jeb was able to recover more than we thought possible. We are so appreciative of his services and professionalism. I would definitely recommend my friend and lawyer, JEB BUTLER to be YOUR LAWYER.

– Carlas

Darren is more than just a great trial lawyer. He is the epitome of the consummate professional. Thank you for taking such good care of me and winning my case.

M’bambi Mvita