Client Stories:- Car Accident Resulting in Serious Injury

Lateefah Jackson was stopped at a red light when she was violently struck from behind by a distracted driver. This was unfortunately her third car collision. The rear-end crash was so forceful that it slammed her vehicle into the vehicle ahead of her and also spun her around. Dazed, Lateefah was transported by ambulance from the crash site directly to the first hospital, where she received her first round treatment for her injuries. A former client of Darren’s, Lateefah’s first call from the hospital was to Butler Law Firm. Lateefah got the medical care she needed. And Butler Law Firm prepared her case for trial. But before we could get into the courtroom, the striking driver’s insurance company made a settlement offer that Lateefah couldn’t turn down. Her third motor vehicle accident, this will hopefully be the last!