Our car accident lawyers fight the insurance companies—and we win.

Our car accident lawyers understand that in an accident, lives can change in the space of a few moments.  We can’t undo those few moments, but we can help with what comes next.  We pick up the pieces and obtain the compensation that our clients need to get moving again.  Our lawyers have obtained millions of dollars for people injured in car accidents.  We fight the insurance companies on behalf of our clients—and we’re good at it.


With more fatal accidents per mile than any other interstate, I-285 in Georgia is the deadliest interstate in the country. I-75, I-85, GA 400, and other roadways also have their share of serious accidents.

In recent years, crashes involving passenger cars and light trucks made up 69% of all auto accidents in Georgia, according to the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety. The most common causes of Georgia auto accidents are failure to yield, following too closely, speeding, failing to stop when required, and improper lane changes. We know the law in these areas, and we know how to explain the facts and the law to a jury.

In this video clip from a car accident trial in Atlanta, Georgia, we told the jury what the rear-end collision was like from the perspective of our client.  Our client had been rear-ended by a drunk driver while her daughter was in the back seat.

This photograph shows the damage to the rear of our client’s car after a drunk driver struck her car in the rear.  We showed this picture to the jury.  After hearing our opening statement (see video clip to the left), seeing this picture, and hearing the rest of the evidence, the Atlanta jury found in favor of our client.


The legal term “damages” refers to the amount of money it takes to compensate a person for his or her injuries. Unless a case settles before trial, determining the monetary amount of damages in a case is up to the jury. Our auto accident lawyers and our team gather records, talk with doctors, communicate with our clients, and speak with our clients’ families so that we can present the issue of damages to a jury.

When you come to us after an auto accident, we will prepare your claim by examining several factors. Some, but not all, of the factors are:

  • What kind of injury do you have?
  • Did you need surgery?
  • Do you have accident-related medical bills?
  • What are your medical expenses? This includes the total cost of emergency treatment, rehabilitation services like physical therapy, doctors, specialists, and medications.
  • Did you lose income as the result of your injuries?
  • Did the accident impact your future ability to work?
  • How did the accident affect your relationship with your family?
  • What is your medical prognosis moving forward?
  • Are you partially or totally disabled as a result of the accident?
  • How has your quality of life declined because of the accident?
  • Are punitive damages available?

The value of an accident claim varies tremendously.  When we take a car accident case to trial we do everything we can to maximize our clients wins.  And if we settle out of court, we only do so if we know we have done everything we can to help our clients.


Don’t be lulled into thinking that your insurance company is on your side. Insurance companies usually try to act friendly, but the truth is that they do everything they can to reduce the amount of money they have to pay injured people an accident. To them, how much to pay is a business decision—and they don’t make money by paying people. If someone from your insurance company asks you to make a recorded statement after an auto accident, be careful. Usually, they’re recording what you say in hopes that they can use it against you later.  You may think to yourself, “Should I give a recorded statement to the insurance company?” The answer is, no.  No, you should not agree to give a recorded statement to the insurance company.  There are several reasons you should not give a written statement or allow an insurance adjuster to record you.

1. Insurance companies want to settle quickly for the lowest amount of money possible. The person who interviews you may rush the interview, ask leading questions, or try to make you say things that the insurance company can use against you.

2. Your statements may be taken out of context.

3. You may inadvertently say something that the insurance company will use to claim that you’re responsible for the accident.

If you talk to your insurance company within a day or two of the accident, you may not even be aware of the extent of your injuries.  After a car crash your adrenaline is racing.  Some symptoms don’t appear until days or weeks after a crash, so you don’t want to tell the insurance adjuster your injuries are minor if there is a possibility that something more serious has occurred. Do not say anything until you speak to an attorney. Do not give a recorded statement—you are under no obligation to give one.


Insurance companies are businesses. Businesses are driven by profit. Because insurance companies are interested in protecting their profits, we don’t rely on the insurance companies’ investigations—we do our own. We work with independent investigators, with experts, with nurses and doctors, and with witnesses. We have interviewed witnesses in in their homes, at their offices, in police stations, in jails, and in homeless camps. We follow the facts, wherever they lead. If the accident involved a driver using a company vehicle, we conduct a thorough investigation of the driver and his employer. Requesting the results of on-the- job drug testing is just the tip of the iceberg. We dig to make sure we know everything we can. Every piece of information we gather is essential for building a strong case.

Not every accident is the same; not every personal injury lawyer is the same. We welcome you to call our injury lawyers and learn for yourself what makes our firm different. We stand behind the quality of our work and the people we have represented.  Google our names and you will see that our review don’t lie.

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