Car Accident Lawyers Brookhaven, GA

Car Accident Lawyers Brookhaven, GACar Accident Lawyers Brookhaven, GA

Have you recently been in a car accident? Perhaps in fact, it occurred several months ago and you already accepted a settlement, but now you’re in agonizing pain because you were misdiagnosed or poorly treated. Whether or not this happened to you, if negligence caused your car accident, please call the car accident lawyers Brookhaven, GA has to offer from Butler Law today. 

What if my car accident injury worsens after I get a settlement?

As leading car accident lawyers in Brookhaven, GA, we have  seen many injury victims receive far less compensation they deserved because they wanted to save money from hiring a lawyer. As a result, their settlement is much less than they would have taken home, even after lawyer fees. 

Another important thing to consider is that unless you are a medical professional or are experienced in representing injury victims, you probably do not have a full understanding of compensable damages. For an experienced car accident lawyer Brookhaven, GA provides, building a full and comprehensive claim is second nature. It will also include future damages as warranted. In some cases, this represents many thousands of dollars. However, the injured car accident victim cannot simply add a line item in a claim and call it future medical treatment; it must be backed up with proof, and more, or else the insurance company will disregard it and possibly deny the claim altogether. This is where it can be beneficial to retain the right car accident lawyers Brookhaven, GA drivers trust. We understand the legal and medical process and because of this, we can protect our clients’ best interests. To learn how this can work in your case, give us a call and request a free consultation.

What is a settlement?

Usually, the goal of Butler Laws’ car accident lawyers in Brookhaven, GA is to negotiate a settlement with the at-fault party’s insurance company. The negotiation process begins after the Brookhaven car accident lawyers  files a claim with the carrier that provides documentation to prove liability and the resulting damages on a cost by cost basis. Many people mistakenly believe that the first step is a lawsuit, but this is much less common than filing a claim. (If the insurance company refuses to negotiate in good faith with a lawyer, at that point a lawsuit against them is more likely.

What are my options in case my injury worsens later?

Your legal options will depend on where in the claims process you are in regards to your injury. If in doubt, contact the car accident lawyers Brookhaven, GA community members recommend for a free consultation to discuss your case and gain clarity about your options.

Don’t Waste Time, Call a Lawyer Now

To provide you with the best chance for a positive outcome, contact our car accident lawyer immediately after the collision. Do not agree to any settlement offered by the other driver’s insurance company until your lawyer has reviewed it and offered you legal guidance. In many cases, your car accident lawyer from Butler Law Firm will be able to negotiate a higher settlement amount and take into consideration your future damages. This process will include medical consultations to determine what treatment you may need and the costs associated with it.

Should you accept a settlement offer from the insurance carrier and later develop a condition as a direct result of your accident injury, or if your original injury worsens, you cannot get more compensation. Do not take the chance—consult our car accident lawyers Brookhaven, GA respects immediately.