Butler Law Firm is Hiring a Paralegal!

We are hiring a paralegal for personal injury cases.

About Our Firm

Our goal is excellence, at all times and in all things.  We handle personal injury cases, and we pride ourselves on superior results and top-notch client service.  We’ve earned over one hundred and forty five-star reviews, and we want to keep that up.  We want to talk with our clients often, keep them happy, and maximize their recovery in every case we handle.

The Butler Law Firm currently has five lawyers, two paralegals, and one Labrador retriever who comes in occasionally.  You can learn more about our team here.  We are a small firm devoted to a positive office culture and high-quality work on a limited number of cases.  Our office is a pleasant and productive place to work.

We believe in making the world a better place.  To that end, our firm makes sizable donations, offers a scholarship, and has believes in community service.

(This picture above is a little outdated — since we’re working from home for COVID-19, we haven’t been able to get everyone together for an updated photo.)


About the Position

We are pleased to be hiring another full-time paralegal.  We want someone who wants to grow with us in the years to come.  The person who fills this role must be motivated, smart, and pleasant to be around.  The person we hire should be great at legal work, but willing to pitch in in other areas as well, such as handling intake calls, ordering office supplies, keeping a calendar, organizing lunch, or helping with other needs that arise.  We want to hire the best person, not just the best resumé.

We are a hardworking firm.  We believe that this position presents a great opportunity for the right person, but that person needs to have a strong work ethic and take pride in his or her professional life.  It is rare for us to ask a paralegal to stay late or work on a weekend, but that does happen occasionally (usually before trial or an important deposition).

The paralegal who fills this role will be working primarily with attorney Graham Roberts, who is heading up the relatively new “Roberts Division” of our firm.  Graham’s practice is devoted exclusively to helping injured people in personal injury cases.  He handles mainly car accident cases, but also works on trucking cases and premises liability cases.  The person who fills this role will be the second person in the Roberts Division of our firm and will work closely with Graham and others who later join that division, although he or she will also interact and occasionally work with others in our office.

In normal times, we work out of our office at 10 Lenox Pointe, Atlanta, GA, near the intersection of Georgia 400 and Interstate 85.  You can take a virtual tour of our office, starting in the office that would be yours, by clicking here.  Currently, most of our firm is working remotely.  We don’t know how long that will last because nobody seems to be able to predict the future of COVID-19.

Our staff hours are 8:30am to 5:30pm, Monday through Friday.  Our employee policy is available here.



  • > salary commensurate with ability and experience
  • > monthly bonuses based on productivity
  • > choice of two health insurance options
  • > options for vision insurance, dental insurance, and HSA
  • > life insurance
  • > disability insurance
  • > paid vacation time



  • > strong organizational skills
  • > two or more years legal experience
  • > strong written and verbal communication skills
  • > ability to think critically
  • > ability to work under occasional pressure (such as during trial)
  • > attention to detail
  • > self-motivated
  • > proficiency in Microsoft Office programs
  • > professional attitude and appearance


Job Description:

  • > assist with client intakes
  • > setting up and organizing case files
  • > drafting routine correspondence and requests
  • > sending open records / FOIA requests
  • > client contact
  • > scanning and OCR’ing
  • > receive and process mail and faxes
  • > gathering information and evidence
  • > calendaring deadlines and reminders
  • > gathering medical records and bills
  • > drafting medical bill and record summaries
  • > preparing demand packages
  • > drafting pleadings and discovery
  • > assisting with filing cases and following up on service
  • > scheduling depositions (including court reporters, videographers, and conference rooms)
  • > monitor cases and think about next steps
  • > itemizing bills and expenses
  • > assessing subrogation, liens, and reimbursement
  • > obtaining reductions in claims or bills against client in connection with case
  • > closing files
  • > other administrative tasks as needed

How to Apply

If you are interested in joining us, we’d love to speak with you.  To apply, download our Paralegal Application (which is not just a recitation of your resumé) here and complete it.  (When you click on that link, the Application should be automatically downloaded and may appear at the bottom of your browser window, although you might have to disable any ad- or popup-blocker first).  Then send an email to hiring@butlerfirm.com.  In the body of the email, include 1-2 sentences that tell us the single most important thing we should know about you.  Attach to that email:

  • >  your resumé,
  • >  any references (preferred but not required),
  • >  a short writing sample (which can be something you’ve already written), and
  • >  your completed Application.


We’ll then get back to you and, if appropriate, schedule an interview.  We look forward to hearing from you!