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Neglect differs from abuse in that it is unintentional and often the result of poor staffing. If the senior’s needs are not being attended to properly, then it can have a negative impact on his or her health. Neglect can contribute to conditions like bed sores, weight loss,

A caregiver may take advantage by using their access to a resident’s financial information for their own benefit. A caregiver at the nursing home may steal money through purchases, apply for credit under the resident’s name, transfer money to their own bank account, force them to make changes

Psychological abuse can be a little bit more tricky to identify, since there may not be any physical marks associated with this type of mistreatment. A senior resident who is suffering from psychological abuse may be yelled at, criticized, made fun of, or otherwise shamed. Residents who are

A: Nursing home abuse can take on many forms, including physical harm. A senior relative may have peculiar bumps, bruises, cuts, bed sores, and other wounds. It isn’t uncommon for these wounds to be located in areas that aren’t readily seen in typical interactions unless you take a

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