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We know that most people do not spend time thinking about what they will do if they get into a vehicle accident. Getting into a crash is scary, and the aftermath is confusing. One of the first things you think about if there are damages or injuries is

Injured client with his doctor on the side, talking to his lawyer for claim.

If you were injured in an accident you did not cause, you may be entitled to legal compensation from the at-fault party. The compensation you receive should reflect both the economic and noneconomic impact your injuries have on your life. Your pain and suffering will be a significant

Motorcycle Accident in Cobb County RM’s love for riding motorcycles started years ago overseas where he lived for most of his life. When RM moved to the United States and settled in Georgia, he brought with him his passion to ride motorcycles. As a Fulton County resident, one

Unless your eyes have started to glaze over at frequent mentions of the meaningless term “judicial hellhole” in media stories, you may have noticed that the American Tort Reform Association (ATRA) has released its annual “judicial hellhole” list. California claimed the top spot, followed by Florida. What you

Sexual assault can happen anywhere, anytime. Sexual assault often occurs between non-strangers, but it can also occur between strangers looking to date. A recent example of a sexual assault between two strangers occurred in October 2018 at a Marietta Intown Suites hotel. The assailant and the victim were


No matter how famous you get, you’re never above the law. Last June Justin Bieber skipped his scheduled deposition in favor of some face-time with his current love interest Hailey Baldwin. This, in strict legal terms, is called a no-no. In fact, under certain circumstances it could land

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