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A man is injured in a pedestrian accident in Atlanta

Imagine walking across a crosswalk in Atlanta, Georgia, following all the traffic laws, when suddenly, a car collides with you. An unexpected incident like this is not just terrifying but also puts you in a situation filled with uncertainty and concern about the future. Keep reading to understand

pedestrians accident

Pedestrian accidents have become an alarming concern in Georgia, warranting urgent attention from authorities and the general public. The State of Georgia has even acknowledged in recent years the gravity of this issue and is actively taking steps to mitigate the risks and curb the rising trend of

Butler Kahn recently obtained a $3,000,000 settlement in a pedestrian accident case. The case was handled principally by Brittany Partridge and Jeb Butler. Here’s more about the case. 1. Facts of the Pedestrian Accident On the morning of April 25, 2022, our client 76-year-old client had a doctor’s

This settlement made a huge difference for a family in need. The lives of Karter Thompson,* her brother and sisters, and her parents were changed forever by a vehicle-on-pedestrian accident. Karter was jogging through a crosswalk on her high school’s campus when a student driver sped past several

The approximate location of the collision

Butler Kahn recently obtained a $2,300,000 settlement in a pedestrian accident case. On Mother’s Day 2022, our client was out enjoying a morning walk when she was struck by an inattentive driver inside a marked crosswalk. Instead of celebrating the day with her daughter and husband, our 73-year-old

Wife crying at the wake on the loss of her husband.

If someone loses their life due to a preventable accident that was someone else’s fault or another party’s intentional act in Georgia, surviving family members could seek compensation through a wrongful death claim. Georgia’s wrongful death law establishes the legal requirements for bringing a wrongful death claim in

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