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The Dangers of Premature Psychiatric Patient Discharge If you or a loved one is admitted to a hospital or medical facility, you would hope that the doctors and health care workers there have your best interest in mind over monetary gain. One would expect to be taken care


Georgia Doctors Performing In-Office Surgeries With social media setting a precedent for beauty trends and body image, the rate of cosmetic procedures and surgeries is on the rise. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, in 2018, 1,811,740 individuals had plastic surgery, and 15,909,931 individuals had minimally-invasive

Wife crying at the wake on the loss of her husband.

If someone loses their life due to a preventable accident that was someone else’s fault or another party’s intentional act in Georgia, surviving family members could seek compensation through a wrongful death claim. Georgia’s wrongful death law establishes the legal requirements for bringing a wrongful death claim in

Unless your eyes have started to glaze over at frequent mentions of the meaningless term “judicial hellhole” in media stories, you may have noticed that the American Tort Reform Association (ATRA) has released its annual “judicial hellhole” list. California claimed the top spot, followed by Florida. What you

Consent: Can Elective Surgery Become Assault and Battery? When people complain about doctors it’s usually because of what they won’t do. They won’t prescribe a medicine, they won’t run a certain test, sometimes they won’t even listen. But in the case of plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon, star

In a professional malpractice case a jury is asked to determine whether a professional caused the plaintiff’s injury by deviating from the standard of care. These cases present complex issues that are often difficult for jurors to understand, and it is unlikely that any particular juror will be

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