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How Long Is the Statute of Limitations for a Car Accident in Georgia? A statute of limitations is a law that sets a deadline for filing a lawsuit. The time in which a lawsuit may be filed is called a “limitations period.” When the limitations period expires, the

car accident

In a rear-end accident in Georgia, there is usually a presumption that the driver behind is at fault for the accident. However, there are certain times when the driver who is blamed for the accident is the one who gets rear-ended. Is the Driver Behind Always at Fault


The Georgia Bureau of Investigation reported that in 2017 there were over 3,000 reported cases of sexual assault and sex-related crime such as rape. While this number my seem shocking, it represents only a fraction of the number of sexual assaults that happen in Georgia every year. Many

Construction workers and architects viewed from above

On March 15, 2018, a pedestrian bridge under construction in Florida collapsed killing one employee, permanently disabling another, and causing fatal injuries to five motorists who were traveling underneath. The bridge was strategically constructed on Florida International University’s campus to facilitate accessibility for students who walked to the

security cameras

Georgia has an extensive network of traffic cameras in place to monitor roadway conditions. These videos are all available to view through the internet on a computer or even through an app for smartphones. They allow people to view current traffic conditions. They allow individuals and state and

In most states, if you experience an injury, you will be able to recover monetary damages for that injury. Whether your case goes to trial or whether your case settles before a jury trial, you will receive some payment for your injury. However, if you had any role


We know that most people do not spend time thinking about what they will do if they get into a vehicle accident. Getting into a crash is scary, and the aftermath is confusing. One of the first things you think about if there are damages or injuries is

Tourist checking in airbnb room.

Recent news reports have uncovered a $7 million settlement payment made by property-sharing giant Airbnb after a brutal assault took place at a rental listed on the company’s platform. The settlement is one of the largest payouts in Airbnb’s history. In late 2015, an Australian woman traveled to


Butler Kahn has recently been retained to work on the van crash on I-85 that killed six people and injured six more. As reported in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the tragic crash apparently began when the driver of the van swerved to avoid another vehicle or an obstacle. Then

atlanta protest

In a world that is currently marked by political turmoil and social injustice, several instances of police brutality are now coming to light and floating to the surface, revealing deeply rooted systemic issues that demand actionable change. Though cases of police brutality are arising from across the country,

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