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What Is a Recorded Statement for Insurance? Should I Give One? After being injured in an auto accident, you will almost certainly receive calls from insurers. You should approach these calls with caution, even when speaking to your own insurance provider. In particular, beware when the adjuster on

Butler Kahn recently obtained a $250,000 settlement in a car accident case involving a wrong-way driver. Here’s more about the case.   Facts of the Car Wreck One summer night, the Rogers family* was driving south a state highway in Dalton, Georgia.  As the Rogers family approached an


We know that most people do not spend time thinking about what they will do if they get into a vehicle accident. Getting into a crash is scary, and the aftermath is confusing. One of the first things you think about if there are damages or injuries is

Injured driver from car accident filing for insurance claim.

If you have been injured in a car accident caused by a driver with Nationwide insurance, you might wonder how you can recover compensation through the driver’s policy. Nationwide’s commercials feature the slogan “Nationwide is on your side.” Does that mean Nationwide will be there for you, too,

Paramedics rescuing injured driver from accident.

Personal injuries are very diverse, ranging widely in kind and severity. Though most will be obvious after an accident, it is worth bearing in mind that many will not be immediately apparent. That is why your first step after an accident should be to have a medical professional

Male driver suffering whiplash from car collision.

When handling the aftermath of an auto accident, it is important to understand the difference between a first-party and third-party claim. A first-party claim is filed with your own insurer, and the governing insurance policy will require you to cooperate with their reasonable requests as they investigate your

Pregnant woman after a Car Accident

Simply put, yes. Pregnant women who suffer significant blunt trauma in a car accident may be at risk of a miscarriage. How far along they are in their pregnancy is an important factor, as well as the force and location of the impact. A miscarriage may be caused

Butler Kahn recently obtained a $689,000 settlement in a car accident case involving a driver who was DUI.  Despite dealing with some complicated facts, we were able to get a great result for our client using an effectively-timed Rule 68 Offer. Here’s more about the case. Facts of

Driver using wireless earphone while calling.

We all know that using a cell phone while operating a vehicle increases the risk of an accident. Of course, many do so anyway. However, these individuals should this risky behavior is illegal in Georgia. Subject to a few exceptions, motorists in the state are prohibited from using

Worried driver sitting on the pavement next to damaged car from accident.

If a family member or friend wrecks your car in Georgia, what happens next? Who is responsible? Will your insurance cover the damage? Fear not. In most cases, you will not be left holding the bag. Read on to learn what options you have when your car is

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