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Hiring a bike accident lawyer Jonesboro GA residents can count on is something that every injured victim should take seriously.  Before you decide who to hire as your lawyer, you should first research the lawyer—ask the lawyer how many cases he has tried; who will handle your case; and what the lawyer expects for you.

Far too often a bike accident victim will get approached by someone purporting to be a representative of a lawyer who can “help” the victim.  That is illegal!  You should never work with someone who says that he “works with lawyers” or “works with doctors”.  Anyone who calls you after your accident and claims he works with a lawyer is called a runner and is violating the law. A skilled bike accident lawyer Jonesboro GA is proud to have fighting for their community will not, and ethically cannot, solicit his services directly to you.

What should I do after a Jonesboro GA bike accident?

If you are in a bike accident, treat your accident like a car accident.  Obviously you first want to call 911.   The police will come to the scene and complete an accident report.  They will also call for medical attention.  If you need medical attention make sure you get it.  Try to document what happened, (of course if you cannot because it isn’t safe or you physically are unable to move, then stay put.)  If you can, take photographs of the scene, of the accident, of the vehicle that hit your bike, and of the damage that was done to your bike.  If there are any witnesses, do your best to take down their names and numbers.  While police officers do their best, they don’t always get all of the information at the scene.  An experienced bike accident lawyer Jonesboro GA knows to trust, will know to call the witnesses.  That information can help later on with your case.  Even if the witness’s contact information is not on the police report, a good bike accident lawyer knows how to track the witness down.

If I am involved in a Jonesboro GA bike accident, what will the insurance company pay for?

If you are riding your bike and a car hits you, you have a personal injury case against that driver and the car’s insurance companies.  Sadly, not all drivers always stop after striking bikers.  That is called a hit and run and is punishable in Georgia.  While the state will prosecute the driver in criminal court, you have the right to pursue a personal injury claim with a bike accident lawyer Jonesboro GA residents can rely on.  If the driver is found he can be charged with O.C.G.A. § 40-6-270 (hit and run).  Even if he is not found, you still have a civil case.  As the victim, you can still pursue a personal injury case through what is called an uninsured motorist claim.

A bicycle accident is much like a car accident.  In both types of accidents the injured victim is struck by another driver, and in both situations the injured victim can pursue a claim for bodily injury.  A personal injury claim can help pay for your medical costs, your pain, your injuries, your time missed from work, and the disruption of your life.   Working with a skilled bike accident lawyer Jonesboro GA residents count on will likely yield a better result. Insurance companies have teams of people, including lawyers that they use to their advantage.

Who is responsible in the case of a bike accident?

Bike drivers have the same rights to use, and ride on, the roads as car drivers.  But not all car drivers respect that rule.  Unfortunately bike accidents often occur because car drivers are not paying proper attention or are paying attention but try and drive around the biker.  Even when bike drivers take safety precautions like waving with their arm to indicate which direction they intend to turn, or slowing down for traffic lights, some car drivers drive aggressively and attempt to pass the bike driver.  An experienced bike accident lawyer Jonesboro GA knows, we can help build a case.  We will look at what happened, why it happened, and who is responsible.  Not every bike accident is the fault of the car driver.  Sometimes an investigation will prove that the city or state is responsible for the crash because the road was poorly constructed or there was a negligent road condition like a poor lighting.

Understanding the law and applying the facts of the case are key steps to securing a winning case.   Don’t let the insurance companies trick you into settling for less compensation than you deserve.  As a top-notch bike accident lawyer Jonesboro GA turns to for help, we are just a phone call away. Butler Law is proud to sponsor the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition.

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