Bike Accident Lawyer Brookhaven GA


Bike Accident Lawyer Brookhaven Georgia

If you or a loved one has been in a motorcycle or bicycle collision, you will need a bike accident lawyer Brookhaven GA trusts.  At Butler Law, we know how to handle bike accident cases.  We have handled cases in which the bike rider was injured, and even cases in which the bike rider caused an injury.  Because we have seen both sides of the issue, we know how to help our clients achieve the best possible result.

We know the law.

If you contact a top bike accident lawyer Brookhaven GA has to offer, your lawyer will understand how the rules of the road apply to bikes.  Because bikes must obey the same rules that automobiles must obey, they deserve to be treated with the same respect.  In fact, respecting the rights of bike riders is even more important—because bike riders are more vulnerable to injury than almost anyone else on the road.  With no bumpers, doors, or airbags to protect against impact, bike accidents can have consequences fare more severe than those experienced by automobile passengers.  At Butler Law, we understand that bike riders deserve—and need—the respect of car and truck drivers.

Bikes are becoming more common.

To a bike accident lawyer, Brookhaven GA shows potential.  In Brookhaven, as across Atlanta, city planners are thinking about bike traffic.   Delivery services are starting to use bikes to deliver their goods.  Bike lanes are appearing where none existed before.  Georgians who want to ‘go green’ or limit their carbon footprints are beginning to embrace bikes—whether motorcycles, scooters, or bicycles—because they provide efficient transportation that four-wheeled vehicles can’t match.

Look twice, save a life!

Bike safety matters.  As any bike accident lawyer Brookhaven GA relies upon could tell you, state law and common sense require that drivers of trucks and automobiles remain on the lookout for bikers.  Unfortunately, drivers sometimes lack the attention and focus to notice two-wheeled vehicles.  That needs to change—as our country’s cities and towns become more bike-friendly, the number of bikes on the road will only increase.  Because collisions between four-wheeled vehicles and two-wheeled ones often end with tragic consequences—especially for the two-wheeler—paying attention is more important than ever.

Texting and driving is a problem.

Unfortunately, as more and more people depend on their smartphones, texting and driving—or distracted driving, as it is sometimes known—has become an increasingly severe problem.  Any bike accident lawyer Brookhaven GA turns to could tell you that this is especially a problem for bike riders, for two reasons.  First, since bikes are physically smaller than automobiles, a driver who is distracted by texting or looking at his phone is especially likely to overlook a bike.  Second, since bikes don’t have all the sheet metal and safety features that protect automobile drivers, a collision with a motorcycle, scooter, or bicycle can cause unusually severe injuries.

Bikes are often hit-and-run victims.

As an experienced bike lawyer Brookhaven GA turns to, we know that bike riders are too often victimized by hit-and-run drivers.  The unfortunate truth is that if a truck or automobile driver hits a bike, the truck or automobile driver knows that he or she may have caused serious damage.  The driver also knows that even if the bike can still be ridden, the bike probably can’t catch up to the car or truck.  For that reason, truck or automobile drivers often want to run away, and often think that they can run away.  So they often do run away, even when they should stop to help.  That, unfortunately, produces hit-and-run accidents.

We can help.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a motorcycle, scooter, or bicycle collision, call a bike injury lawyer Brookhaven GA trusts.[/fusion_text][fusion_text]Our firm is a proud sponsor of the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition.

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