Best Bike Accident Lawyer Jonesboro GA

Best Bike Accident Lawyer Jonesboro GA

If you are a cyclist who has been injured in an accident, you want the best bike accident lawyer Jonesboro GA has to Best Bike Accident Lawyer Jonesboro GAoffer. Our legal team at Butler Law Office has built a solid reputation in the legal community for aggressively advocating for our injured clients. Our attorneys work very hard to obtain the financial compensation our clients deserve. If you are looking for a Jonesboro bike accident lawyer, look no further than our law firm.

Bicycle Accidents

A recommended bike accident lawyer understands that injuries sustained in bicycle accidents are often serious. They may even be catastrophic. Unlike a car, which may absorb much of the impact when hit by another vehicle, a bicycle offers its rider no protection at all. Not only does the victim often suffer the force and pain of the impact from the vehicle, the impact itself may throw the victim off the bike. It is not uncommon for a bike victim to fly many feet through the air before they crash down onto the hard pavement of the road.

Considering the level of force a bicycle rider is subjected to in a collision, it’s no surprise that the injuries they sustain can be so severe. Some of the most common types of injuries include:

  • Head injuries such as brain contusions, concussions, intracranial hemorrhage, and skull fractures;
  • Face and eye injuries such as contusions, corneal foreign bodies (debris, dust, insects), dental fractures, and facial fractures;
  • Chest injuries such as lung injuries and rib fractures;
  • Internal injuries such as traumatic hernia, rupture of the spleen, trauma to the pancreas, renal contusion, large or small bowel contusion, and vascular perforation.

According to national statistics, between 25 and 45 percent of bike accident victims suffer a head injury. Head injuries are responsible for more than 60 percent of all bike accident fatalities, as well as for most of the permanent disabilities victims suffer.

Compensation for Bike Accident Injuries

Victims of bike accidents often face a long and painful recovery from their injuries. When the accident was the fault of the car driver who hit the bicyclist due to negligence, the law says that victim may be entitled to pursue damages against that person.

Financial compensation may be awarded to cover all of the medical expenses for the injuries, including any future expenses, and loss of income the victim suffered from being unable to work. If the victim sustained a permanent disability, leaving them unable to go back to their old job or unable to work at all, the at-fault party can be held liable for future lost wages too.

Depending on the victim’s condition, their damages might also include pain and suffering, emotional and mental anguish, loss of enjoyment of daily life, modifications needed to accommodate the victim’s disability in their home and vehicle, and vocational training.

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