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When you have been the victim in a hit and run accident, you need the help of a hit and run accident lawyer Atlanta, Georgia offers from the Butler Law Firm. Unfortunately, we have seen this many times. You hope that you can rely on someone who did something wrong to come forward. If you get in an accident with someone else, you expect them to stop so you can exchange information and assess the damage. However, our auto accident lawyer Atlanta, GA relies on knows that not everyone will do the right thing. When this is the case, you should seek legal help as soon as possible. If you have been injured in a hit and run accident and are seeking legal counsel, contact the Atlanta hit and run accident lawyer from our firm now.

How can you catch the person?

When you are leaving the accident scene and the person who caused the accident is nowhere in sight, you may be wondering if anything can be done. How can the person be caught? Leave that to our hit and run accident lawyer in Atlanta, GA. We work hard to go over witness statements, your statement, and possible video footage of the accident. When we gather this information, it is possible to determine who caused your personal injuries.

What happens when they are caught?

There are many reasons a person may not stay and give their information. Perhaps they are wanted for other crimes, they may not have the right insurance and do not wish to pay for the damage, or they may simply not want to get in trouble. The person who is responsible for the hit and run accident may find that they are facing more serious criminal charges than just a traffic ticket. They could:

  1. Go to jail
  2. Get serious fines
  3. Have their license suspended

However, if the person responsible caused expensive property damage, serious injuries, and is evading the police, the charges could be elevated to felony charges. Our Atlanta, GA personal injury lawyer will work with all available resources to track down the person who caused your injuries and fight for compensation. We believe that the person who caused your property damage or bodily injuries should pay for the damage they have inflicted.

If you were recently the victim in a hit and run accident and would like to speak with our Atlanta, Georgia hit and run accident lawyer, please contact the Butler Law Firm today.