A distracted driving car accident in Atlanta, Georgia.

Distracted Driving Accident Attorneys in Atlanta Georgia

Car accidents happen so often that we eventually ask ourselves what the root of the problem is behind these tragedies. All too frequently, we are stressed, overworked, rushing to and from, and feel immense pressure to earn what is needed for bills. Along with that, we are way more technologically connected now more than ever before in history. Our cell phones can be commonly found in our hands, pockets, or are at least somewhere very close by. We may feel the urge to check our phones for new messages, alerts, emails, or other notifications. This tool may very well be our main form of communication, directions, resources, and entertainment in today’s society.

Despite how helpful this tool can be, its usage behind the wheel can contribute to a large percentage of accidents that happen on a daily basis. Here in the article to follow, an auto accident lawyer in Atlanta GA examines this issue in more depth.

Why is it that this device is just so distracting?
Distracted driver texting while driving.Cell phones can provide us with entertainment when we are feeling bored. It has plenty of applications and games available at our fingertips for a quick distraction when needed. This tool can now fill the gaps of previously free mental space. We may now have less tolerance for moments which lack mental stimulation.

For example, we may feel tempted to turn to our phones while sitting at red lights or driving in traffic. However, these risky habits can quickly lead to accidents where all parties involved can suffer painful injuries and critical conditions.

What are signs that a driver next to me is on their cell phone?
If you see a driver on the road near you that is driving recklessly because they are on their cell phone, do not hesitate to call the police. It takes only a fraction of a second for a driver to not notice they have run a red light or are speeding way past the limit. Signs that a driver is probably on their cell phone can include:

  • Frequently looking down into their lap for seconds at a time
  • Is slowly swerving back and forth in their lane going at a slow speed
  • Suddenly stopping last minute as a car ahead of them stops at a street light or stop sign
  • You can literally see the person holding their cell phone while driving (not everyone tries to conceal their activity)

What should I do if someone hit me because they were on their phone?
If a driver caused an accident due to being on their cell phone and you suffered losses as a result, you can consider filing a civil lawsuit against him or her for injuries and damages. Meeting with an auto accident lawyer Atlanta GA clients turn to from Butler Law Firm can help you get a better idea about the process behind filing such a lawsuit. The distracted driver at-fault may be responsible for your:

  • Injured leg from car accident.Loss wages due to missing work to recover
  • Medical expenses (hospital bills, emergency, ambulance ride)
  • Pain and suffering
  • Diagnostics and lab work
  • X-rays, CT scan, MRI
  • Prescription medication
  • Vehicle repairs