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Auto Accident Lawyer Atlanta, GA

Many people contact Butler Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys to ask our auto accident lawyer serving Atlanta, GA to tell them the value of their injury claim. This is usually not a fast answer because every case has a number of variables that need to be considered. It’s why we offer car accident victims a free consultation with our car accident lawyer. During the consultation you can explain the details of your case and at the conclusion, our auto accident lawyer for Atlanta, GA can determine if our legal team may be able to help you.

Determining Total Damages in Georgia

At the heart of a car accident injury claim is the injury itself. Generally speaking, the more serious the injury, the more compensation the victim is subject to collect from the at-fault party. There may be ancillary injuries as well, and they should also be considered. The more complex the car accident and the resulting injuries, the more difficult it can be to ascertain the value of a claim without the help of a skilled car accident lawyer. Our auto accident lawyer in Atlanta, GA at Butler Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys has handled very complicated injury cases, and this experience is invaluable for our clients.

Compensatory Damages

Victims of car accidents often do not realize how many of their injury related damages are eligible for inclusion as compensatory damages. These costs can quickly add up. With the help of our car accident lawyer, you may be able to file an injury claim with the appropriate insurance company with the reasonable expectation of receiving substantial compensation. The more valuable the injury claim, the more likely the victim will experience push back from the insurance company which will do everything in its power to avoid paying out a large sum of money. In the most extreme cases, some insurance companies have been known to delay paying a claim until after the injury victim passes away. Our Atlanta, GA auto accident lawyer at Butler Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys is as aggressive as necessary when fighting for the best interests of our clients. When necessary, we will take an insurance carrier to court to force them to pay a fair settlement and in a timely manner.

Assessing Value to Damages

As mentioned, the value of a case will be determined by the damages sustained by the victim. The types of damages, the extent of the damages, and the costs to repair or replace the damages will all be considered by your auto accident lawyer that Atlanta, GA victims can trust. The summation of this information is what will be used to assess the value of your injury claim. The average or actual costs of the following will be assessed as damages. Here are examples of some of the questions you may be asked in relation to your injury or injuries from the car accident:

  • Have you had surgery, or anticipate having future surgery? What kind of surgery?
  • What medical treatment have you received, and may need in the future?
  • Has your injury forced you to call in sick or otherwise miss work? How much income have you not been able to earn as a result? Has your doctor diagnosed your injury as permanent, and therefore you will not be able to return to your job?

If you would like to talk with our experienced Atlanta, GA auto accident lawyer to determine the value of your injury claim, call Butler Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys to request a free consultation today!