5 Common Accident Scenarios Involving Vehicles

Five Accident Scenarios That Are Common

When an accident involves two cars or more, the accident commonly consists of one vehicle running through a red light while speeding and losing control, and typically the driver is distracted. On the contrary, when an accident involves a large truck, there are usually additional risks that are unique to these kinds of accidents.

Blind Spots and Accidents

There were a little over 3,850 fatalities relating to car crashes that included large trucks, according to an Insurance Institute for Highway Safety report that was completed in 2015. Of these deaths, about 69% were drivers of smaller cars. An accident scenario that is quite common involving both cars and large trucks actually relates to the blind spots on these trucks. There are three different blind spots that truck drivers must deal with. The first is in the front of the truck, the second is in the back of the truck, and the last is on the side of the right-hand truck door. Many people are not informed of this, so many people linger in these blind spots for a long time and this is a main reason why accidents occur.

Tired Drivers

It is a common thought that driving a truck is an easy task, and one may easily assume this at first glance. The reality of truck driving is actually quite different. Drivers are required to follow strict deadlines and arrive at their destinations promptly, which means they must drive long hours and not take many breaks. Even for truck drivers with experience, driving lengthy distances while sleep deprived may cause them to veer into other lanes due to lack of focus. It only takes one brief moment like this to initiate a large accident. This is actually one of the most common reasons that cause accidents involving trucks and cars. If you are driving and happen to notice a truck driver that appears inattentive or in a daze, you can done one or all of the following things:

  • Repetitively honk your horn
  • Signal to other drivers indicating they should pull over
  • Drive away quickly
  • Call 911 and report the driver as unsafe

 Road Conditions That Are Poor

This is another accident scenario that is common. Wet and/or icy conditions are dangerous for almost all vehicles to drive in, however such conditions pose an extreme hazard to large trucks as they have up to eighteen wheels to maintain properly. Poor weather conditions may cause accidents where the large truck would spin or skid out of control into another vehicle or landmark. For this reason, it is highly advisable to remain at least five seconds away from large trucks during poor road conditions.

Quickly Changing Lanes

A common accident cause relating to trucks and cars is when cars attempt to switch between lanes too rapidly. The large blind spots that trucks have on their read and sides often prevent truck drivers from seeing cars switching lanes quickly. In addition, large trucks also required much more time to slow down compared to smaller cars and vehicles, so it is not advisable to switch lanes in front of a truck quickly while the roads are busy, or ever.

Passing When a Truck is Turning Right

There are quite a number of instances when a car driver will eye a truck that is turning right, and will move around it in the left lane in attempt to pass it. While this may seem like a good idea, it is actually quite dangerous and is another common cause for many accidents. Trucks often widely steer to the left to ensure they will safely make the right turn. This means it is quite easy for your car to be easily swiped while making an attempt to pass the truck

If you have been in a truck-involved accident, contacting an attorney, like a trucking accident lawyer New York NY relies on, as soon as possible is a good idea to assess if you have a valid lawsuit or claim against the truck driver and their associated company.

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